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Pro Rivalry League x Great Pass Collaborate

Great Pass partners with Pro Rivalry League and will sponsor PRL’s Monday night 2v2 tournament on September 19th at 7pm EDT.

Pro Rivalry League announced over the weekend they are now partnered with Great Pass. If you don’t know by now, Psyonix recently stated out-of-game trades are considered against the rules. That’s where Great Pass comes in, the Rocket League trading platform for in-game items allows you to trade items such as battle-cars, boosts, crates, keys and more. It’s a site that focuses on helping players trade. Players are able to sign up and add their items to their inventory on the site. Great Pass focuses on keeping the trades within Psyonix’s terms of service.
Great Pass is sponsoring PRL’s tournament tonight, September 19th at 7pm EDT. Since the two are working together to provide community involvement, we could possibly see in the future giveaways or tournament awards. We’re happy to announce this new partnership with Great Pass, the EloTalk team are also fellow partners of PRL, stay up to date with upcoming tournaments and future announcements!
 Make sure you watch tonight’s stream sponsored by Great Pass on Twitch starting at 7pm EDT!
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