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Pro Rivalry League (PRL) announced it would be expanding into Battlerite tournaments, and the action last  Saturday did not disappoint. Epic level gameplay and outstanding production quality made for a fantastic viewing experience. A total of 83 teams participated in their first ever 2v2 Battlerite tourney for a prize $50 grand prize and molten core mounts for all four grand finalists. For the sake of brevity, we will focus on the semi-final and the final matches. Each match consisted of a best of nine (Bo9) set. The finals was a best of 3 (Bo3) sets.

Semi Finals #1

The first semi-finals match was between TurboVirgins (Supastarpowa & Averse) and Fishwha Loveboat (neewha & Finlev).

Team Comps:

Fishwha Loveboat – Lucie and Bakko

Turbo – Paloma and Bakko


Set #1!

During this match, viewers got their first good look at Finlev’s Bakko and neewha’s Lucie. These two are an incredible team and a pleasure  to watch. While TurboVirgins would take one game off of Fishwha Loveboat, Finlev and neewhat would prove too powerful and would win convincingly 5-1.


Semi Finals #2

The second semi-finals match was between Okay (Damocles & Exploitz) and Skywingg (Skywind & Awingg).

Team Comps

Okay – Lucie and Bakko

Skywingg – Lucie and Ashka

Set #2, Lets go!

Teams seemed to be evenly matched in game one of the match with team Okay dishing out the damage, but Skywingg quickly recovered and caught the opposition off guard. In the end Skywingg turned out to be the better team taking the Match 5-2.


Grand Finals Match

Its hard to describe the action of Battlerite is acute terms, but some of the finer points of this match need to be mentioned to understand the skill of these players. You always hear how important Orbs are in this game, and no one agrees more than Finlev. Check the clips below to get a sense for the lengths he will go to to secure an orb.


First Set!

The action started off right away with Game 1 of the match ending in an epic 1v2 in sudden death.
Down by two games, Skywind on Ashka would answer back  to get his team on the board.
In the end, Fishwha Loveboat would take the Set 5-1 over Skywingg.

PRL 10/15/16 2v2 finals_game1

Second Set!

Both teams elect to keep the same teams for their second set.
Finlev continued his domination with plays like these throughout the set.
Once again Skywingg would take game 3, but the neewha, FInlev duo would prove too strong:

Win 5-1!


Congratulations to Fishwha Loveboat their win and becoming the champions of the very first PRL Battlerite tournament taking home some awesome mounts (which they already had) and $50.

Tune in to twitch.tv/prorl this coming Saturday at 7 PM Eastern for the next Battlerite tournament, now sponsored by StunLock themselves!

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