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Paris Saint-Germain Esports (PSG Esports) has decided to end their Leauge of Legends team until further notice, and say goodbye to the retired League all-star, Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim.

The team was unable to make it to the EU League Championship Series after a rough performance in the EU Challenger League and going 1-4 in the regular season. This had PSG Esports questioning the future of the European League and its otherwise stagnant viewership, which has been a controversy all on its own.

“Our Challengers Series experiences lead us to wonder about the League of Legends competitive scene economic balance. The revenue sharing model offered by Riot Games is very far from compensating the costs of a structure with European ambitions, partly because of the strong inflation of pro-gamers salaries, in our mind unjustified regarding the audience numbers evolution of the last months.” -PSG Esports

PSG hasn’t closed their esports division completely–they still have thriving Rocket League and FIFA teams. It also looks like the group is preparing announcements for the next EU League Season, which implies a comeback to the scene.

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