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This winter, the RLCS is coming to Washington D.C. for what some would call a monumental LAN experience.

Following last year’s west coast RLCS LAN, Psyonix is following up with a switch to the east coast, bringing the best Rocket League action in the world to America’s political capital. Previously hosted in Amsterdam and L.A. the world’s top teams will duke it out in the MGM National Harbour Theatre, with children under 7 entering for free.

A list of hotels and restaurants in and around the venue is available for those traveling, tickets going on sale soon.

Some fans were disappointed by the decision to keep the RLCS in NA for the third time, however, it was not a decision taken lightly, with considerations as to venues, costs and logistics factored into the choice. Though many might see it as a given, as CloudFuel (a member of the RLCS operations team) pointed out on Twitter, there was never a statement made to indicate that the tournament would be alternatively held in NA and EU.

The event will be streamed on the official Rocket League Twitch channel, with the playoff action still to come. With relegation and promotion match yet to be played, there is still a chance for some upsets – watch this space for all the latest Rocket League news.

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