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After the amazing Rocket League Championship Series Season 3 tournament results, the community waited with bated breath for Season 4 news. Since Rocket League continues to rise in viewership and popularity on Twitch and overall, Psyonix looks to support some of the organizations to make their dreams possible. Four select communities will host the Season 4 qualifiers for RLCS.


RLCS Community Qualifier: Pro Rivalry League

August 12th and 13th Pro Rivalry League will head up the qualifiers. This community is well known by our readers and it’s a community that has exponentially expanded since inception. EloTalk covered the growth of PRL in 2016 at the beginning of the year. They are enthusiastic and devote their time to providing quality content in Rocket League. 

PRL Manager Scheist had this to say:

“The team at PRL is extremely excited for the opportunity to run a weekend of the RLCS Season 4 Open Qualifiers. Most of us have been in the Rocket League community since its earliest days, and the RLCS is always the standard we’ve worked to meet in our own productions. To be involved with the event is truly a landmark opportunity for us, and we’re ecstatic that Twitch and Psyonix are getting the community involved in their most prestigious Rocket League tournament. We promise to provide the absolute highest quality experience to participants and fans alike.” 

Currently, PRL runs four Rocket League tournaments per week, which is open to all levels of play. Check out their social media links for more information: Website, Twitter, Twitch, and Discord.

RLCS Community Qualifier: Nexus Gaming

This community has been up and coming for quite some time. Headed up by the brilliant minds of Erveon, Carbonitex, Kerrytaz, and 7ox, these guys have made leaps and bounds in the Rocket League community. They also run weekly North American tournaments including 1v1s, 2v2s, and 3v3s. Due to the community’s devotion to Rocket League, Nexus Gaming is an official qualifier for RLCS.

Erveon said this when asked about the qualifiers:

“We’re very excited to help run the qualifiers. Rocket League is a community game and including community organisations in RLCS shows that Psyonix loves the community as much as we do. It’ll be amazing.”

Nexus gaming can be found in these locations: Twitter, Twitch, Website.

RLCS Community Qualifier: Shift Pro League

Shift Pro League has been working hard to provide community tournaments for all levels of play. Like other organizations on this list, they devote time to producing quality content. Also beginning in early March of 2016, Alstedo and Badger have put SPL on the map as another notable group focused on building the Rocket League community in a positive way.

When asked about Season 4, Alstedo had this to say:

“We are deeply honoured and thankful to Twitch for this opportunity to run one of the open qualifiers. Everyone at SPL wishes all teams participating the best of luck!”

Check out their social media links here: Twitter and Twitch.

RLCS Community Qualifier: Minor League Doubles

Minor League Doubles has the benefit of “Rocket League Central’s” Chris Curtis as a caster. This community hosts their own tournaments, a talk show, and sells merchandise. Cathexics, Chief Resource Officer, had this to say about the qualifiers:

“The fact that Psyonix and twitch have entrusted MLD with helping run the RLCS Qualifiers is honestly a bit surreal for us still. The feeling of putting all the countless hours into building up the league and to finally be able to start to see the fruit of your labor is just indescribable. We are blessed with how receptive the Rocket League community has been to the league and what we are trying to accomplish not just as an organization but as a community. We are truly honored and excited to be able to display to Psyonix and Twitch what we are capable of.”

Here are the socials for Minor League Doubles: Twitch, Twitter, Website.

Final Thoughts

Over the last couple of years, each of these groups have fueled Rocket League in big ways. As a result, Psyonix and the people running RLCS look to help all those making the game a bigger esport.

All of the relevant information about RLCS Season 4 updates can be found on Reddit as well as on the official Rocket League site. Season 4 begins in August and the open qualifiers will close on August 8th. Make sure to sign up before time runs out!

Any thoughts about community qualifiers? Join us in Discord.

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