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A joyous celebration of thousands of Rocket League players could be heard Tuesday, October 11, when Psyonix released a hotfix to change their ranking system. Since the MMR reset at the start of Season 3 – Psyonix has been watching to see how the thousands of Rocket League players would compare against one another, and after months of playing the distribution of players needed work.

So what does this all mean? Well, Rocket League divides its players into four ranks: “Prospect, Challenger, Star, and Champion” – with the idea being that the average player will fall into the “challenger” tier. Statistically, the community is broken down in the following tiers:

  • 26% as “Prospect”
  • 64% as”Challenger”
  • 6.7% as “Star”
  • 0.125% as “Champion”

What does this mean? There were way too many players in the lower ranks.

This is where the rejoicing comes in! Thanks to this new hotfix nearly everyone in the community gets a sizable rank boost- keeping the 64% of players in the Challenger tier by reducing prospect, and respectively increasing Star and Challenger tiers.


Rank comparison before and after hotfix.

Image copyright of Psyonix, Inc.


Already this change is causing quite a stir in the community. Twitter and Reddit are full of players showing off their multiple tier leaps just after one game. The catch? You have to actually win your games to get the rank boost, so don’t give up or leave matches.


In general, players (myself included) are excited about their higher ranks. However, some of the community’s elite players feel that the change to Grand Champion from 0.005% of the active player base to 0.2% is a slap in the face to their achievements. However there is a bright side – shorter queue times!

So fire up your Supersonic Aerial Rocket Powered Battle Car and get out there, boost your rank!


source: rocketleaguegame.com


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