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Counter-Strike is one of the most well known and popular first person shooters (FPS) on the planet. It has inspired videos that have gained a cult-like popularity such as “pwned.nl” in Counter Strike 1.6 and FPSDoug’s “BOOM HEADSHOT.”



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Despite the Counter-Strike series of games being out for 16 years, its community continues to grow and evolve, grossing sales of over 20 million copies¹ that remains on a steady increase. Counter-Strike originally started as a Half-Life mod, which was beta released to the public on June 19th, 1999 by developers Min “Gooseman” Le and Jess “Cliffe” Cliffe. At the time, it was one of the only tactical FPS games so it quickly gained popularity and joined the eSports and competitive gaming scene in 2000. Its first major events were “MPlayer Europe CPL Cologne 2000” in Cologne, Germany with a prize pool of €10,000 and “Babbage’s CPL Tournament 2000” in the United States with a prize pool of USD$15,000. Fast forward 15 years to DreamHack Open Cluj Napoca 2015 tournament for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), where teams from around the globe competed for a prize pool of USD$250,000 which shows just how much the game has grown in popularity. The winning team was Team EnvyUs who took home USD$100,000.money As eSports has become more recognized as a sport, many organizations have been partnering with sponsors such as Intel, NVIDIA, and Razer for they provide gaming products and extremely useful funding towards the teams participating in tournaments. Recently the ESPN has even started its own eSports section which provides the latest news on competitive League of Legends, DotA, Hearthstone, and more. The online gaming scene has a solid foothold using Valve’s Steam as the main platform supporting a healthy amount of competitive games like DotA 2 and CS:GO in the forefront. After several years with many versions of Counter-Strike, the devoted players along with the developers have made the game into what it is today – a great balance of teamwork with an excellent learning curve. At EloTalk, we plan on bringing you the best and latest news, information, and opinions on Counter Strike: Global Offensive in the form of interviews with players and organizations, highlights, competitive season recaps, and everything else related to this thriving eSport. ranking csgo I, myself, have been playing Counter-Strike since 2005 and have logged over 1,800 playing hours of Global Offensive. I’ve played on the official matchmaking servers and achieved the rank of Supreme Master First Class. Since I love the competitive aspect and teamwork involved with playing with my friends and others, I have played on premium CS:GO clients like ESEA, CEVO, and Faceit which offer the team option that the official servers do not. As an avid spectator of professional matches and events of both European and North American teams, I will be writing more about CS:GO eSports in the future. My name is Erik and I hope you stick with us for more updates!

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