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In this week’s tournament, 46 teams signed up to the 2v2 matches for a chance to win $100. Unlike the 1v1 tournament held on Friday, these games felt much faster. And this week PRL’s graphics team had a surprise for the viewers…


On October 2nd, the tournament began at its newer time slot of 6pm EST. Not many teams were disqualified, although some are still learning the rules for the tournament. After a few matches had gone by, the surprise was revealed to the audience. PRL’s graphics team had adorned the arena with a new skin! They even added team logos to the flags that hang around the place! These guys take attention to detail seriously, but that’d be digressing the focus too much from the tournament itself.


To bedazzle the audience about the matches were the casters Chimeblade, Unthink, Quent, Tog, and Sammael. All of whom are settling into a groove of casting, doing play by play analysis, and friendly bantering. We’ll only look at the semi-finals and the finals in this recap.


Semi Finals

The four teams that made it to the semi-finals were the Flying Nekos versus VeloxGG and TwoSync vs No Way! The casters kept things interesting because every time there were explosions we heard from one of them, “He just got deleted from the map.”

In the first game, VeloxGG took a relatively close game ending with 4 to 3 against the Flying Nekos. The second game was won by the Flying Nekos with a 4 -1 score making it a tied series. The final match in the best of three earned the Flying Nekos a 2 – 1 victory. The players for the Nekos are Ikewolf, a very strong player, and his teammate Godsmilla. They were the first to advance up to the finals.


The other match up was between TwoSync and No Way! Game one had a 0 – 4 score in favour of No Way! Game two had a couple of really close aerials where the opponent flew in front of the net to make an epic save. The shot looked like it was going in but alas it did not. Another interesting goal looked like it was done on account of the spoiler of the car but nevertheless, the game was won by No Way! with a score of 3 – 2. This made them the other team to advance to the finals, only to find themselves up against the Flying Nekos.


This final series between Flying Nekos and No Way! was a best of five show down. The Flying Nekos, of course, being the team that has “Ikewolf” and “Godsmilla”. No Way! had players “pszewczyk” and “jL” to compete for victory.


The first game was easily taken by the Nekos with a score of 4 – 1. It looked like the victory would be coming swiftly for them. In game two, there was a much closer lead still favoring the Nekos with a 6 – 4 win. And similarly, game three warranted the audience with a final win at 6 – 4. The Nekos were the victors of the $100 prize by the end of the night.


Once again the showing for the tournament was stellar. The games were quick, exciting, and had plenty of action-packed plays. The teams will surely have more interesting strategies as time moves forward. Until then, we’ll be waiting for more.

Don’t forget, this month is the release of a new arena but also two new DLC cars! Aquadome will feature a beautiful new map that is an underwater world! Get ready to play some intense soccer matches in this new sleek “seven seas” inspired map!

Until next time!

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