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Last night, September 26th, PRL had their first 3v3 tournament at its new time slot and the audience wasn’t disappointed. It gave two very important series’ that had the audience at the edge of their seats.

There were 27 teams that signed up for the tournament with a prize pool of $150 dollars. Many of the teams did quite well. They were brave to step into the arena with the attitude that they could win. And if nothing else, all of the players have replays to analyze for later. As the tournament went on, the competition became more fierce.
The Lower Brackets

In the lower bracket matches, it was a best of three in order to progress to the next section. Casters had to work with little knowledge of individual team plays because many of the teams are new. Of the games, there was one that went to game three. Some teams tried to save shots that had rebounded from above the net, costing them a point when they failed. To players of the game, it was evident which teams had the best chance of progressing.

The Quarter Finals

As the quarter finals began, players saw a different level of play at this stage of the tournament. vVv Gaming managed a 2-1 lead on Wild Card. Revival had a quick sweep with a 2-0 versus Firebrand eSports. Then Vendetta also swept their opponent under the rug against No Capes! with a 2-0. And finally, Genesis took a 2-1 victory versus Onslaught. While these games paled in comparison to the ones that would follow, each team brought forth their A-game. Players smelled victory cooking.

The Semi Finals
At this point, the teams stepped up their game to ungodly levels, producing some of the most nerve-wracking plays. Notably, we saw Genesis and Vendetta face off in the arena. Karma, from team Vendetta, was a substitute, and she produced some amazing plays. Espeon, from team Genesis, was making his mark in this series, taking the final goal for them in game one. If that wasn’t enough, game two was filled with even more tension because the teams smelled blood – they hungered for victory. Only after four minutes had passed was any progress made. Vendetta took two goals before Genesis made it onto the board. This game had so many flyers that the folks at Air Miles might be upset… At 2:25:59 the games between these two teams begins and surely won’t be disappointing.
The Finals

This is the series where you really needed kleenex. Since the level of tension was immense, the audience was taken for a ride of their life. The chat was going wild as team Revival took on Genesis in a final feud which went all the way to game five. Of the matches, only one did not end up in overtime. Game three was in overtime for a grand total of four minutes! Neither of the two teams wanted to walk away from this tournament without a fight. That is precisely what they gave us. The victory was well earned.

Final Words

We can’t forget to mention the casters for the tournament. Fickle and Unthink were covering the lower bracket and quarter-finals matches. The semi’s and the finals were done by ChimBlade and Sammael. Since each caster dedicates their time to this game, they strive to provide quality broadcasts, and bring their own wit to fill the downtime. They kept the audience entertained and did a wonderful job. As the tournaments continue to grow, the production quality will also continue to improve. And overall, the 3v3 tournament was a success. Expect to see more exciting things from these guys because they are making waves!

You can catch the replay of Monday nights 3v3 tournament, on the Pro Rivalry League Twitch.

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