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In our PRL tournament recap from October 20th, the games went so smoothly that it’s hard to believe the action of this Rival Replay. Let’s look at some of the highlights beginning with the semi-finals.

Tournament Introduction

As always, PRL put on a fantastic show where anyone of any skill level can enter their tournament. Being closer to RLCS in Amsterdam early December, the pro players continue to prepare. With weeks quickly disintegrating for the Grand Finals, PRL sees more top level players. This 1v1 was no exception.


Four excellent players made it to the finals. Kaydop, Twice the Tang, Ikewolf, and PreM would be competing for the $50 dollars to the winner. When looking at the players listed there were some predictions on who the winner could be. First up was Kaydop versus Tang and it was an easy double win for Kaydop. As with previous Rival Replays, he continues to wreck players on the way to the top…

The second matchup was Ikewolf versus PreM, with a series that could have gone either. They each managed to take a game off of each other, tying the series. The last match had Ikewolf playing to full capacity as he crushed PreM with a decisive 13 – 3 score. He seemed untouchable at this point making us wonder what would happen next!


Our finals were the kind that caused trembling amongst the crowd. The most notorious rivals, of all rivals, would be Kaydop versus Ikewolf. And if Ikewolf lost this best of five series, he would take it harshly. No one was quite prepared for the finals…

Game one was very close as it was back and forth. The two players fought valiantly giving a  score of 4-3 to Kaydop. Game two was also shot for shot, landing another victory for Kaydop at a 6-5 result. The salt mines had nothing on Ikewolf by this point in time, as we went into game three.

Before explaining the total for this game, let it be known that both players are very tough competitors. These two face off against each other time after time, as they had earlier in the week. It may have led to why game three was cut short. After five goals scored, Ikewolf forfeited the tournament, giving Kaydop the win. In the end, he couldn’t take the fact that he had only a minute left to bring back a losing game. Tough break.


Never mistake the fact that every player improves each time they enter tournaments. And regardless of ones’ skill level, these weekly PRL tournaments are open to anyone willing to take the shot. As Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

By proxy, echoing the same sentiment as that professional hockey player, please sign up for the PRL tournaments. They have 2v2’s on Sunday, 3v3’s on Monday, and 1v1’s on Thursday.

Until next time.

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