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November 3rd Pro Rivalry League had their 1v1 tournament which had a lot of back and forth excitement, it was entertaining! This is your Rival Replay of the games.

PRL Rival Introduction

For the first time in a number of weeks, the tournament reached full capacity, with 64 entered. The beginning was a little touch and go with some players taking easy wins, but it was all worth it in the end.

Semi Finals

It was no surprise that Kaydop made it into the semi-finals being the top caliber of player that he is. Skyline was the opponent in this best of three series which went right to game three. Skyline took an easy win in game one with 9-4. Game two had Kaydop bringing the series into his side of the court with a 12-9. Finally, game three was a sweeping victory at 11-4. This series had the chat coining the phrase #kapmop!

PRL’s second finals match was rough because the opponents were Ikewolf and Fairy who is ranked 11th in the world. Ike was going to have a tough time. Game one was a stellar 9-3 in favor of Fairy, and game two was a 5-0 for Fairy. This semi finals match disappointed the audience because game two only lasted two and a half minutes before Ikewolf forfeited.


Heading into the finals were Kaydop and Fairy, which was sure to be out of this world. Game one had a final score of 12-7 for Kaydop. Game two was close with 6-5 for Fairy. The third game once again went to Fairy with a total of 9-5, what a way to make a living. Barely getting by… (points to anyone who gets that reference). This brings us to a surprise turned around game in favor of Kaydop with 9-3. Being tied in the series meant that had everything on the line. With a close game to get overtime, the final score was 7-6. Kaydop used all of his power to destroy his opponent on the field giving himself any advantage, but it wasn’t quite enough because the hard earned win went to Fairy.


Honestly, these finals were monstrously insane and the VODs should be watched for those finals. The clips included just aren’t quite enough to describe the insanity on the field. The back and forth nature of the 1v1 tournaments are enough to cause whiplash and congratulations go to Fairy for such incredible plays.

As always, Saturdays are PRL weekly Battlerite tournaments, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays are Rocket League. Don’t forget to sign up and good luck to all the competitors!

Until next time!

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