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This week’s Rival Replay had some amazing 1v1 showdowns that stemmed from a total of 95 registered teams. Keeping the viewers entertained were the wonderful casters of Fickle, Snipa, Sammael, and Unthink.

Rival Replay Beginnings

November 17th’s games were no short of spectacular as players fought their way to the top of the brackets, crushing opponents along the way. As always, the excitement built up as we watched the competition progress. Let’s take a look at what happened!



In a move that surprised no one, the first battle was between Ikewolf and Ferra, two notable players in the Rocket League community. It looked like it was going to be an easy win from the performance of game one where Ferra led the series 6 – 2. The second game surprisingly had Ikewolf knock Ferra around Mortal Kombat style scoring 9 – 5. For game three, butts were clenched as it was a very close series ending with a 6 – 5 score for Ferra.

The second series was between two players that are equally well known in the community, those being Kaydop and Jwismont. First up with a total score of 9 – 7 was Kaydop who commanded the soccer field. Then game two came along where he shut down his opponent with a spectacular 8 – 2 score. It’s a good thing he managed to fix his internet before this series…


Our finalists for the PRL 1v1 tournament was sure to be exciting with the two players Kaydop and Ferra, and what a series it would be.

Game one was super close, both players fighting for victory leading with a final score of 3 – 2 for Ferra. Naturally, Kaydop wasn’t going to let his guard down, decisively beating Ferra with an 8 – 4 win. In game three the final score was 6 – 4 in favor of Kaydop. But the series was over yet as Kaydop only had two wins out of three to take the series. Game four was the ultimate finishing move giving Kaydop a score of 8 – 4 against Ferra, crushing the guy into oblivion.


PRL tournaments are always an experience to watch, as they bring the best games, amazing staff, and tell the tales of great players. As always, anyone can sign up for the tournaments on their website. Though, don’t forget to bring your fighting gloves if you do!

Also be sure to tweet with the hashtag #prlpicks for any notable tournament clips.

Until next time.

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