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Thursday, January 12th Pro Rivalry League hosted their 1v1 tournament for the week and the excitement was off the walls! Today we’ll go over the Rival games that occurred last night.

Rival Beginnings

At the beginning of the tournament were a ton of behind the scenes hiccups. Firstly, Twitch was having issues with various streams but only for certain people. Many viewers struggled to see gameplay due to the technical issues beyond control, but the tournament carried on regardless. The broadcaster suffered from some issues that challenged the stream but overall it was successful. The staff at PRL certainly know how to take care of things when it starts going south. Also, the casters were on point! Trut3 and Tom Kelly were the stars of the evening, commentating excellent games for the audience to enjoy.


The first of the semi-finals comes as no shock since the competitors were Fairy Peak versus Karma, two notably fantastic players. It proved to be a back and forth series with Fairy dominating the first round totaling a score of 8 – 2. In game two Karma proved that she could play ball too by annihilating her opponent 9 – 2. Everything was on the line for them in game three, the closest of the three games. A final score of 5 – 3 went in favor of the flying pixie dusted Fairy Peak, advancing him to the finals. It’s too bad really because it would have been awesome to see more amazing plays from both these competitors. Take a look at this awesome save!

The second match up had Ikewolf versus Moses, another set of ridiculously skilled players. After having some less than favorable actions in 2016, Ikewolf rejoined PRL tournaments in hopes of turning over a new leaf. In game one, there were issues with things like the host computer taking a dump. At the time, there was one minute and twenty seconds left on the clock when host computer died, resulting in a remake of the game. The score was 6 – 2 in favor of Moses and Ike knew his chances were slim. He conceded the first match. Already up one game, Moses went into the next one with a final score of 10 – 2 in his favor. This clip shows the most interesting block and shot on goal yet! Ike mystically saved it the first time with a godly rebound, then Moses eased it back into the net. What a play!


The 1v1 finals consisted of Fairy Peak and Moses which would prove to be a no contest series. Winning game one being the kickoff at 8 – 4 was the sparkle king himself. Game two resulted in a 9 – 6 win, allowing him to spread more glitter onto the field. By the time game three started, Moses wanted to bring in epic waves, only to crash down in failure. The final score came in at 11 – 3 for Fairy Peak.

It turns out that water cannot easily get rid of sparkles, because once they start, they multiply! Take a look at this epic clip from the finals.

PRL: Merch

Anyone that is interested in competing in the tournaments whether it be for Rocket League or Battlerite can sign up on the website. Also, PRL has more amazing swag in their store! Be sure to check out the pillows and hoodies peeps!

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