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Thursday, October 13th the Rival Replay had the most creative and mind-bending games ever. If this past weeks’ 3v3 tournament was stacked, then this one was out of this world… literally.

Rival Replay Introduction

It’s hard to find a specific beginning point since players, casters, and viewers were in a constant state of “what the…?!” Though it pales in comparison to experiencing the games live…


The semi-finals had two stellar best of three matches. On one side there was Kaydop versus Lachinio and on the other side was Squishy versus Ikewolf.

The first match-up ended easily with an 0-2 score in favor of Lachinio but how it got there was interesting. The score was 7-6 in favor of Lachinio right off the bat. With one minute left on the clock, Kaydop DC’ed (disconnected), then Lachinio did, and then the casters lost discord. The players decided to discuss the issue in Twitch chat while the casters tried to get back into voice.


After that, games two and three were taken by Lachinio, though not without an epic fight from Kaydop. Regardless, both players exuded professionalism when things went south, but they weren’t the only heroes. The casters were phenomenal at continuing as though everything was fine. We notice your professionalism Senpai’s!

The second match-up was Squishy versus Ikewolf. In a series that went to game three, the two players appeared to be relatively even in skill. That said, Squishy sat on Ikewolf when he took the win. Just look at this epic out of nowhere save, can we say “Out of this world”? HAWT DAMN!

Finals Part One

Due to the outcome of the semi-finals, that left Squishy to face off with Lachinio in the most entertaining and horrifying series ever.

Beginning with game number one, the casters were faced with explaining the “strategy” as both players went head to head in a turtle match. Neither of you are green and can’t match the OP powers of the original Turtles… Anyways, what they did was flip themselves upside down while pursuing the ball. Both players made goals despite their self-imposed handicapped. Since the two players had planned this kind of gameplay, at 1 minute left on the clock, they both bowed out of the game, declaring the game ‘just for fun’. Neither wanted it to count so it didn’t. Although an amusing game one, there was confusion and frustration in the crowd.

Finals Part Two

In games two and three, Squishy was holding back his skill, allowing Lachinio goals that were easily blocked. This was noticeable due to his precise control of his car in previous games. There were questions about the players because while going into overtime, the players took it upon themselves to dribble the ball for a full two minutes before letting it hit the ground. Normally that wouldn’t be an issue but this was done on the zero second timer…

By the time we hit game six (because game one didn’t officially count), it was obvious that Squishy could easily defeat his opponent due to a 7 – 3 lead half-way through the game. Lachinio mysteriously made a comeback but it wasn’t enough. The end score was 9-8 in favor of Squishy.


In the end, the players and casters survived the tournament, despite the delays and length. Huge props to the casters for keeping it cool throughout, and to those that stuck with the stream.

Honestly, if there was any series of games that should be watched, it’s the semis and the finals of this one. They were fun and mind bending at the same time. Don’t say you weren’t warned…

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