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Rival Replays continue to gain altitude as we approach the Rocket League Champion Series (RLCS) Grand Finals in December. On Oct 23, Pro Rivalry League (PRL) had their weekly 2v2 tournament, packed with some epic casting, quick and dirty games and a new splash page. Let’s hop into the arena.

Rival Semifinals

Honestly, both of the semifinals went by so quickly that it felt like whiplash. The competition was fierce, beginning with Harambe’s Heroes versus pieces of s*** (yes, this is the team name) and Flying Nekos versus Vin, Please.

In the first match-up, Harambe scored three goals, but their shot at a win came up short against pieces of ***’s five mighty goals. Afterward, game two launched pieces of *** into the Finals with 3-1, despite being evenly matched. No one wants to watch games that end in a 15-1 victory.

The second matchup, as expected, was the Flying Nekos versus Vin, Please. The Nekos being the team that houses “Ikewolf,” a guy who took this tournament by the soccer ball and ran with it. Game one let the audience know the Nekos meant business. The Nekos took a commanding lead with a 3-0 win for game one, followed by a 6-2 victory for game two.


In an amusing final showdown, it boiled down to Flying Nekos versus “pieces of ****”. It all ended way too fast. The first game netted the Nekos an easy 3-2. Also, the Nekos dominated game two with a 3-1 victory. Though disappointingly, game three was the last, clinching the series with a final score of 2-0 for the Nekos.


In short, the tournament gave players speeding tickets because they blitzed through games, resulting in “Ikewolf” and “ashetn” the champions!

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