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In the holiday edition of PRL’s weekly Rocket League tournaments, viewers experienced some of the most amazing gameplay to come out of this weeks’ Rival Replay. Even though the holiday season has been jam-packed for many, there were heavy hitters to enter the ring in the 2v2.

Introducing the Rival Replay

Casting the amazing game were Chimblade, Sammael, and Kitty Casts, all of whom did a great job. The dedication out of these men during the season is unmatched and should be appreciated! That said 64 teams signed up for the 2v2 tournament with teams such as “Top Bins or No Bins”, “No Fear eSports”, and “AstralAuthority”. Of course, the heavy hitters for this holiday tournament were teams like Precision Z, Tormiebaby, That’s Pretty Neat!, and Tom Brady Poppin’ Off. These teams have players like Kaydop, Fairy, Klassux, Torment, and Squishymuffins. Our Rival Replay covers what happened during the tournament so let’s begin!


Fierce competition began once players reached the semi-finals. The first two teams to race after to presents were “Tom Brady Poppin’ Off” versus “Precision Z”. Being no strangers to PRL tournaments, “Precision Z” is expected to make it to the finals given the caliber of Kaydop and Fairypeak. “Tom Brady Poppin’ Off” has a roster of Klassux and Chrome. In game one Kaydop dominated with a calculated goal against his opponent and ended up winning in overtime with a score of 4 – 3. In game two “Precision Z” solidified their spot in the finals with a score of 5 – 1.

Two other massacring teams stepped into the arena trying to boost into the finals. Those teams were “Tormiebaby” and “That’s Pretty Neat!” Squishy showing his incredible mastery of the ball with an epic dribble to the net earned them a goal. As a result of that great control, “Tormiebaby” took game one with 2 – 1. Game two turned the tides when “That’s Pretty Neat!” won with 7 -4, leaving game three to decide the finalist. A score of 6 – 4 was on the board for players Squishy and Torment of “Tormiebaby”, advancing them to the finals against “Precision Z”.


An epic showdown occurred before our eyes giving us all five games to determine the winner. The saves were plentiful, the shots were on point, and these two teams certainly brought their “A” game. Kaydop and Fairy kicked us off with a 3 – 2 win. Then the tug of war moved in favor of “Tormiebaby” with a 6 – 2. In the third game “Tormiebaby” took “Precision Z” for a ride with a 4 – 2. Then game four, which went into overtime earned “Precision Z” another win with 3 – 2. This left game five to decide the winner of the holiday tournament. A final score of 3 – 2 transported “Precision Z” to the Christmas tree.

Holiday Recap

With every tournament, players step up their game play consistently. Many of the players have been regulars to the PRL tournaments keeping the Rocket League spirits alive! Only brave souls may enter these tournaments and to do so it’s as simple as going to the website to sign up!

PRL’s regular tournament schedule will resume in the new year so keep an eye on twitter!

Have a happy holiday peeps and be safe!

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