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The Rival Replay is heating up with an action packed tournament! Every week there are tournaments, and on October 16th was certainly no different, even if other larger tournaments were running concurrently!

Rival’s Introduction

The games every week improve, producing yet another fantastic series. On this fine day in October, we look at some of the highlights to grace the computer screen, beginning with the semi-finals.


Admittedly, the expectation wasn’t high for this tournament since the teams signed up didn’t jump out as clear winners. Some of the teams had excellent players but could be quick and dirty. To begin the evening were teams “Team Galaxy eSports” versus “AkaShrug.” This first series was a swift double win by “AkaShrug”, easily advancing them to the finals. In case curiosity killed the cat, they won by scoring 6-4 in game one and 5-2 in game two.

The other two teams were “Synful” versus “Down Taunt NA” and this series went to game three. It was hard to predict the finals because both teams consist of lesser-known players. Most of their games were pretty close with game one being 3-1 for “Synful”. Then “Down Taunt NA” took the lead in game two with a 4-3 victory. Game three was a close 3-2 for the same team.

PRL’s finalists would be “Down Taunt NA” versus “AkaShrug”, where matches became insanity…



The series between these two teams became insanity, with them throwing down in a battle to be the best. It seemed like they held back their skills for the finals because it was unbelievable. Game one gave “Down Taunt NA” a 3-2 victory over “AkaShrug”. Game two went into overtime before they took the second victory at 5-4. The gloves were dropped by “AkaShrug” – refusing to be defeated. Game three went into overtime for 3 minutes due to incredible saves, then “AkaShrug” won 3-2. In game four the players of “AkaShrug” let their opponent know that they were worthy, taking the win 4-1. The deciding game was 3-1 for “AkaShrug”, advancing them to the finals.


Filled with epic saves and ridiculous strategies, the finals were packed! The audience almost witnessed the defeat of skilled players by lesser-knowns. Though “Down Taunt NA” played an excellent series, “AkaShrug” was the favored team. Neither of them disappointed the audience, giving a showdown of a lifetime!

Congratulations to Ikewolf and Katsuki!

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Until next time.


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