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Rival Tournament

This weeks’ Rival 2v2 match up had teams like ForDan, GTG Babies, Vanguard, and Splyce. It marks the last time certain teams gear up for Rivals Week which begins this weekend. And that’s not all the Rivals are up to, PRL will host the first set of qualifiers in RLCS Season 4. With 87 teams in the 2v2 tournament and casting duos Subie/Nambino then Chim/Sammael, the teams gave viewers a real show.

Semi-Final Series One: Splyce vs Vanguard

It’s no surprise that Karmaah and Pluto played in the tournament to end up against other notables like King Wizard and Akenro. Under team name ‘Splyce’, Karmaah and Pluto took out their opponents with a 3 – 1 lead.

Game two sung a different tune when team ‘Vanguard’ took a game. The first goal completed was a steal from Karmaah. But, the winning goal by Akenro was done at the zero second mark, leaving Vanguard a 2 – 0 lead.

The third game ended up being close with a 3 – 2 score for Splyce.

In the fourth game, two goals were scored within the first 30 seconds. Team Splyce show Vanguard that they are not messing. And with a close bounce off the sidebar, team Splyce dominated. In the end, team Splyce advances to the finals with a 6 – 2 victory.

Semi-Final Series Two:  ForDan vs GTG Babies

‘ForDan’s’ roster consists of Tcorrell and Skaxy while ‘GTG Babies’ consists of Candii and Firstkiller. The first game had an epic save by Tcorrell because the ball was part way into the net. And with a final score of 7 – 2, GTG Babies took game one.

In the second game, a 39 second overtime earned a 5 – 4 win for GTG Babies again.

But the next in the series was a game changer as ForDan won with an amazing 7 – 3 victory.

In a surprising game four, skaxy hammered the ball down the field towards the net, taking a shot on goal but was saved by Firstkiller. Even with such a calculated reaction, GTG Babies with a 4 – 1 win. Perhaps next week ForDan can claim a spot but GTG Babies advance to the finals.

Finals Series: Splyce vs GTG Babies

After showing top quality play in the semi-final matches, teams Splyce and GTG Babies games would most likely be action packed. Karmaah and Pluto are known for their out of world game play and candii paired with firstkiller are great contenders. After all, these are two of the top teams in the 2v2 PRL tournament.

Game one had GTG Babies testing the waters against the players of Splyce, but it wasn’t enough. There were a couple of close attempts at a saves by GTG Babies, but inevitably they lost 2 – 0.

Starting game number two, GTG would not lay down without a fight. The two teams battled their differences out on the field taking viewers into overtime. In fact, GTG Babies altered their playstyle to be more aggressive. They chose to blow up Karmaah several times. Perhaps this was done to give them more of a chance to crawl back into the series. Anyways, there was an epic goal on the zero second mark but in the end Splyce won 3 – 2.

Game three was equally close for the two teams, but miraculously GTG Babies took a game off of Splyce. In a 3 – 2 victory from overtime, GTG Babies earned themselves a game four.

This game ended after a hard fight. Firstkiller made a couple of nice saves right in front of the net while Candii took some stellar shots on goal. Even Karmaah slammed the ball all the way down the arena but her angle was off. And more than two minutes passed where the score was only 1 – 0. It all changed in the last two minutes, where the rest of the goals were completed. In a final score of 2 – 1, team Splyce wins the 2v2 PRL tournament.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully next week there will be better servers for some of the semi-final teams to have a better chance at the finals. Even still, Rivals Week begins on July 31st so make sure to watch the trailer from the tweet below. The first two teams have been announced already. They are ‘Muffin Men’ versus ‘Genesis’.

For more information about PRL make sure to check all the socials like Twitter, Twitch, and the PRL Website.

Until next time.

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