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In a shocking Rival Replay 3v3 tournament on Monday Oct. 24th, the audience was left flabbergasted for some of the results. Many of the teams were kicked out of the game early on and once the quarter finals were playing, G2 was slaughtered by Wild Card. What happened you might ask?

The Rival Introduction

It was an unbelievable play after play of insanity throughout the tournament. Teams that performed rather well in previous weeks like “Leviathans of Rocket Drifting”, “ANIXIA”, and the fabled “G2 Esports” were sacked of their potential wins. With every tournament, the are some interesting team naming. “Tree Fiddy” is a team name that caused some chuckling but that’s not what this is about…


Just for amusement, the first teams up being Genesis versus Relax. Game one went to Genesis with a convincing 5 – 1. Apparently, Relax was a little bit too lackadaisical to play against the Rocket Monsters of Genesis, losing with 3 – 0.

Our second Semi-final series had teams Mijotormsquish versus Wild Card. Let it be known that Mijo is a combination name of all three players on the team. With a sharp slice of their Katanas, they claimed victory scoring 3 – 2 over Wild Card. Game two surprised the masses when Wild Card took it with a total of 5 – 2. Game three was tighter than a cars’ turning radius, in an epic overtime match that lasted 4:38! The final score was 4 – 3 for the Japanese sounding team, leaving Mijotormsquish defeating card dealing duds!


Moving to the finals of the most unbelievably clinched gameplay ever! Teams continue to bring the best games to PRL tournaments like this, beginning with a spectacular 4 – 0 victory for Mijo. Game two had Genesis bringing it back, after testing the waters in game one, they achieved a win with a 2 – 1 score. Game three went into overtime for a full minute earning Genesis a 3 – 2. The heat began rising as we went into game four where Mijo crushed their opponents 5 – 2. Bringing us to game five, the audience was on the edge of their seats. It was a game that also went into overtime but not for long… The victory dance in true humble fashion went to Mijotormsquish in a final score of 2 – 1.



If anything can be said about this tournament, it’s that PRL continues to deliver amazing tournaments. And their 3v3 tourneys are quickly becoming a favorite for many so don’t miss out on the next one!

Sign ups for the PRL tournaments are available for the next week so don’t forget to hop over to their website! Also make sure to join the discord server for tournament support, team finding, and other great things!

Until next time.

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