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On November 28th PRL’s Rival tournament had a ton of heavy hitters climbing the brackets. It’s no surprise that the teams would be aiming high while waiting for RLCS Grand Championship this weekend in Amsterdam.

Rival Replay

Many moments during the semi-finals and the finals were nail biting, but there were some games off screen that went into long overtimes. Familiar players signed up for the 3v3 this week like Vince, Mijo, Laz, PrimeThunder, Nexate, Karma, Pepper, Nomad, and many others. These players are notable because of their top tier strategies and masterful skills of their cars. Here is the Rival Replay of this week’s tournament insanity.


Both Semi-final matches went straight to game three, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. First up were the teams The Ugly Ducklings versus Whiff Wizards. Game one was in the bag with a whopping 6 – 2 score for The Ugly Ducklings. Game two went into overtime for a little over three minutes giving a final result of 4 -3 for the Whiff Wizards. Being tied up, the series went to game three giving the mighty ducks a 3 – 2 victory. Here’s a clip of these match ups:

The second semi-finals had teams Relax versus Wild Card. The first game was well fought and taken by Relax with a final score of 2 – 1. Game two had Wild Card drawing all the luck winning them the match with 3 – 0. This left game three, which went into overtime for a minute and a half, ending in a 3 – 2 victory for Wild Card.


This left the finalists to be The Ugly Ducklings versus Wild Card, two teams with some extreme firepower. Team Wild Card wanted to trump their opponents but in game one, they lost against the mighty ducks with a score of 2 – 1. Game two provided no success either as the Ugly Ducklings took the game 1 – 0. Finally, The Ugly Ducklings put on their warpaint in game three, defeating Wild Card 3 – 2. What a series, though! In a best of five, the Ugly Ducklings triumphed over their opponents.


In the end, The Ugly Ducklings took home the trophy win, a team comprised of Mijo, Vince, and Sid, but not without blending in by painting themselves like the rest. Congratulations on a win well earned!

On December 3rd, the Grand Finals for RLCS will be streamed from Amsterdam, but also PRL is holding their weekly tournament of Battlerite. This is important to note because the prize pool for it is $500! Interested? Sign up here! Either way, this weekend is going to be jam-packed with action!

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