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In this week’s Rival Replay we look at some the most interesting games outside of RLCS Grand Finals. Despite the fact that players were in the arena all weekend, some heavy hitters still competed for the PRL Tournament prize money.

Rival Tournament

There were some amazing players that entered the ring and one team would rise up above the rest. Audience members felt like they were seeing stars as the games made it look like magic. Casters once again kept things moving with ease, keeping the audience entertained with their commentary. Here is your Rival Replay for December 5th’s 3v3  tournament.


The first game streamed in the semi-finals was G2 Esports against The Magicians. Game one had a clear winner with 5 – 2 for The Magicians. Game two was the hook, line, and sinker at 3 – 2 for the Magicians again. Definitely dominating the semis, the Magicians moved on as the first team to make the finals.

The second matchup was Boost > Ball versus Ike and the Blind Win. Obviously, the team name is based on Ori and the Blind Forest and we did make the connection! Anyways, game one was tight, earning a 2 – 1 score for Ike and the Blind Win. Game two equally had a close score of  4 – 3 for Ikewolf’s team. This made them the second finalists.


It looked like an amazing series as the players put up some of the best setups ever. In game one the final score was 4 – 3 in favor of Ike and the Blind Win. Then game two happened where The Magicians took the ball away, winning 2 – 0. Game three had the players up the ante with a final score of 4 – 0. Finally, game four had a score of 5 – 0 in favor of the Magicians. Vince took the ball and carried them to victory!



The Magicians did not get lost in the Blind Forest since they came out on top. Vince is an amazing player and contributed in a big way. Congratulations to The Magicians!

Once again PRL hosts these tournaments every week, although there may be some schedule changes during the holiday season. Keep an eye on the website for the sign ups!

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