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As always, PRL continues to present fierce gameplay and players looking to be worthy competitors.

PRL Rival Replay

Last night’s excitement was due to gameplay, the high caliber of players, and an excellent guest caster. Aside from some minor technical issues, PRL still pulled in one thousand spectators while some of the most intense semi-final and final matches were played. Klassux also asked viewers in chat to pick a new car to use in every single game, which helped with audience retention.

70 competitive 3v3 teams entered the tournament but only one could walk away with a victory. Guest casting for PRL was none other than the mighty Low5ive (William Copeland), a pillar of the gaming community. His reputation precedes him thanks in part of his competitive knowledge, helpful YouTube videos, and stellar casting ability.

Semi Finals

The first match had team “Squishy doesn’t know I’m streaming” versus “Iniquitous”. Semifinal matches are now best of five, so this game was an intense matchup of skill and determination. Game one was close, with Iniquitous taking a 2 – 1 lead. In game two, Iniquitous stomped all over Squishy with a 6 – 0 score. It looked like Squishy was going to fall from the bracket until game three, where they took their first win. The final score was 2 – 1 for Squishy. Game four was again close, with a score of 4 – 3 to Squishy. In the final, tie-breaking match with a score of 2 – 1 and a 4:16 overtime, team Squishy emerged victorious.

The second semi-final game between teams “eQuinox” and “Mindless Idiots” were closer in skill. Game one was won 2 – 1 for eQuinox. In game two, the score was 4 – 2, again for eQuinox. Game three would need Mindless Idiots to come out with win to stay in the running, but unfortunately, at a 4 – 1 victory, eQuinox moved on to the finals.


The finals ran through to game five, and what a series it was! Three of the five games ended in overtime goals, and several of these had insane saves.

Klassux changes cars in between games.

Game one was the first to go into overtime. After 2:09, the win went to Squishy at 2 – 1 — a close call to start the series. The second game also went into a 2:25 overtime, giving eQuinox the win at 3 – 2, while the third game was the first to end during the normal time and with a 4 – 2 Squishy victory. Game four had a final score of 2 – 1 and it went to eQuinox, which left game five to determine the winner of the $150 prize pool. The series was won in an overtime of 1:53. The final score of 4 – 3 went to eQuinox.

Here are a couple of clips:

Chrome’s Epic Goal!

That Double Aerial Save!

PRL Socials

As always, there are four Rocket League and one Battlerite tournaments a week. Check out PRL’s website for more information. If there are issues, PRL hosts a Discord server where the community is friendly and helpful.

If you want some OP swag to show support for PRL, hit up the store!

RLCS Season 3 has been announced and the information is here.

Remember to keep practicing!

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