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Monday, October 10th the epic Rival Replay for Rocket League gave the audience a 3v3 showdown! This stacked 3v3 tournament had many of the best-known players in Rocket League participating! 


Let’s call it “Rival Replay”, some surprises occurred, like key teams were knocked out sooner than expected. Because of this fact, the quarter-finals will be included so prepare your posterior peeps, and let the upsets begin…



Two games were not streamed, which were Leviathans of Rocket Driftin versus Anixia and Average 1s Players versus Dark Matter. Leviathans and Average 1s moved on to the next round.

The real loss occurred with the following match ups: G2 Esports versus Reception and Genesis versus Donkey Nuts. In the first match up, G2 Esports prevailed with a 2-0 victory, leaving Reception in the dust. And while both games had some intensity, they paled in comparison to the caliber of games between Genesis versus Donkey Nuts. The audience prepared for Genesis to come back like a wrecking ball after losing game one. Unfortunately, it was a shocking upset because Donkey Nuts took a second win. Klassux, Espeon, and Pluto bowed their heads in defeat. May we have a moment of silence…


Moving onward and upward, the semi-finalists were G2 Esports against Leviathans of Rocket Driftin and Average 1s Players versus Donkey Nuts. Just barely making it into the finals, G2 Esports won both of their games, taking out the Leviathans in the process. The second match up between “deez nuts” and Average 1s led to a game three. Clearly, the Donkey Nuts weren’t big enough to advance to the finals.



The Rivals for this epic 3v3 tournament were G2 Esports versus Average 1s Players. To begin the series was a fairly back and forth game, leaving us with a 4-3 victory for Average 1s. Game two had Average 1s in the lead with 4-0. In a change of pace, game three earned G2 Esports a spot on the board. Winning by the skin of their teeth at 5-4 score, they kept themselves alive for one more game. Finally, another tense back and forth happened, but ultimately the team to take the prize pool was Average 1s Players with a score of 5-3.

Dappur, Lachinio, and Squishy walked away with $150. Both teams were unbelievably good in this weeks’ tournament. Next week should bring more excitement as the major NA and EU teams continue to prepare for the Grand Finals in Amsterdam.


After the amazing games, PRL announced a new Battlerite tournament on Saturdays! Be sure to sign up on the website for it, or the normal Rocket League 1v1s on Thursdays, the 2v2s on Sundays, and the 3v3s on Mondays!



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