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On Saturday’s, PRL holds a 3v3 tournament for European players to take the floor, and potentially win some cash. Since its re-inception, the tournaments have been just as successful as the other weekly Rocket League tournaments. Our Rival Replay covers the high caliber results from Semi-finals and finals.

Rival Replay: EU Tournament

The semi-finals include the following teams:

  • Team Infused
  • HeyListen
  • Copenhagen Flames
  • Descending Aerials

Breaking down each of the four teams players and reputation illustrate the skill that each has. Team Infused is headed up by Doomsee, a regular scapegoat and team captain. He’s eager to win and doesn’t leave anything to chance. Radioo, a substitute player for Bluey, is being tested. Finally, there is Sebadam, a surprisingly quiet player. Never once did he goad others. He isn’t all talk, he just shows up and wins. A notable trait in all the Team Infused players. This is a team that has played in many of the EU tournaments.

Next up is the roster for HeyListen which consists of, Unknow, NeaR, and Rizual. Unknow is obviously Unthink’s sidekick. NeaR, a player who is devoted to the game played an integral role in the tournament. Finally, there is Rizual who completes the roster. Though, between the regular matches and the semi-finals, Rizual was substituted for Kassio.

Copenhagen Flames is another notable team to make it into the EU tournament. Its roster consists of Kvist, Baekke, and abeogand. This is another fantastic group of players that have competed in many PRL EU tournaments. They won two of the seven they’ve competed in, and are certainly forces to be reckoned with.

Lastly, Descending Aerials was the final team to make it as far as they did. Containing players like limbo messiah, Hankiii, and mccluvin. Surprisingly, this team has not entered the EU tournaments as much as the others to make it into the semi-finals, at least not with this roster. The team is certainly a contender for the potential winnings.

Let’s take a look at the exciting games from these four teams in their best of 5 matches.

First Semi Final

In this Rival Replay, we look at the first semi-finalists. Team Infused and HeyListen who both had some amazing games. Game one ended with a score of 2 – 1 for Team Infused, but not without some intense backboard shots and an epic save from Kassio. In the next game, the teams bounced back and forth. In overtime Kassio took a passing play, popping it into the net before the defense could react, allowing HeyListen to win. That said, Near is a god at saving very close shots like he did throughout. In a tied series, game three ended with a score of 3 – 2 for Team Infused. In order for a game five to happen, HeyListen would need to win this game four. Once again with no successful shots on goal, the game went into overtime. HeyListen is determined to win. They take no chances. Team Infused won game four with a passed shot to Doomsee by his teammate. It just goes to show that a pixie team heads into an arena to fight, and they did, but not hard enough.

Second Semi Final

Of course, that leaves Copenhagen Flames against Descending Aerials in the second semi-final match-up. It was a tough series for the two teams, taking it straight up to game five. There could only be one victor between the second and sixth-seeded team in the EU tournament. Game one’s final score is 5 – 1 with Copenhagen taking the lead in this semi-final game. In game two, mcclovin made a fantastic pass to his teammate Limbo who was right there to pick it up, scoring a goal. With a minute and twenty seconds left in the match, the score was 3 – 2 in favor of Descending Aerials. But it wasn’t simple for them because Copenhagen Flames tied up the game, leading them to overtime. The winner ended up being Copenhagen Flames from player Baekke who took the rebound shot on goal. Game three ended up with Descending Aerials taking the lead in a 3 – 2 victory. Game four had to even out the two teams, which mccluvin from the Descending Aerials took with a score of 4 – 3 in overtime. Finally, game five would determine the second team to make it to the finals against Team Infused. Dominating the last match of the series, Descending Aerials won with a score of 5 – 0, shutting down the Copenhagen Flames.


Now it’s down the wire with Team Infused against Descending Aerials. Who will take the title of this week’s EU Tournament? Let’s break it down in this weeks Rival Replay.

In the last best of five series, Team Infused walked all over their opponents, winning 4 – 0. Dominating game two, Team Infused won again with a score of 4 – 0. In order for Descending Aerials to have a chance at winning the tournament, they’d have to win this next match. Punishing the opponents in game three, Team Infused wins the game by denying possible shots and exploiting mcclovin’s aerial over their own net. The final score of the game ended with 2 – 0.


The caliber of teams in the EU tournaments is phenomenal. Several of the games ended up in overtime because the teams were well matched. It just goes to show that substituting a player can be beneficial to a team in a tournament setting. But as always, each tournament run by PRL is open to any skill level. Sign up for the tournaments on the website and hop into Discord to chat with the community! There are many exciting things on the horizon for PRL so keep your eyes peeled on Twitter.

Until next time.

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