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We’re back with another Rival Replay on PRL’s 3v3 Tournament with amazing gameplay and fantastic casting so let’s stroll down memory lane!

Rival Beginnings

To kick things off were casters Chimblade and TJ for the Rival’s 3v3 tournament. Once the semi-finals began, Casters Kitty Cast and Stax were on deck. It’s no surprise that we had a killer group of casters since we had some crazy games to watch! Let’s enter the ring…


First up were teams Bench Warmers versus Fluffy Kitties, and let me tell you that no one sat on the benches. Game one was neatly taken by the Bench Warmers with a 3 – 1 victory. Game two was crushing with a 5 – 1 final score again for the Bench Warmers. Could there be a come back for the Kitties? Alas no. Their spirit animal Kitty Cast wasn’t on deck yet. Once again the Bench Warmers took the win for a 4 – 1 final score.

Next, we had team Life versus Nexus Gaming, or what we call, “The Eggplants.” Game one had the chat infused with Life as they defeated the eggplants 2 – 0. Then game two had everyone eating their vegetables like good kids giving a 2 – 1 victory. Game three had Life clutching on! They don’t want to die… so they held on to the vines with a 4 – 2 win. This brings us to game four where the Eggplants took off with their boost trails at a 3 – 1. Finally, in game five the winner, with a whopping 3 – 0 win, Nexus Gaming feeds the hungry chat and advances to the Finals.


The series went to game five and rightly so. Chat hyped up the match a fair amount by this point, and they delivered! Game one had Nexus Gaming feeding the people once again. It was a 3 – 2 victory. Game two took to the skies giving a 1 – 0 win for the Bench Warmers. Game three surprised everyone with a 2 – 0 lead for Bench Warmers. Then game four had people on edge, taking the first overtime match, winning 4 – 3 after 51 seconds. Our eggplants were pulled out of the ground. Then finally it all went down in game five. Winning the PRL 3v3 tournament is team Nexus Gaming! Congratulations peeps!

Take a look at this sick off the backboard shot!

Also, LanDiego is fast approaching! Make sure to make it to the event to meet some of the PRL staff and show off your swag!

Until next time.

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