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Starting on July 31st – Aug 4th PRL had a special treat for viewers as they hosted Rival Week, with matches between some of the top players in Rocket League. In this article, we look at all matches over the course of last week including the teams and their rosters involved in the tournament shooting for a total prize pool of $4,000.

These games were three best of seven which meant that which ever team won the best of two of the seven would win the higher dollar value of the prize pool, while the other team received the smaller portion.

All of the statistics used in this article are taken from the Rocket League Tracker Network website which keeps track of a player’s goal, save, and assist percentages. It also tracks a person’s match maker rating (MMR) along with handy graphs. Feel free to look at the Tracker Network website for more clarification.

Rival Week, Day 1: Cloud9 vs. Genesis

The Roster

Most people in the Rocket League community are familiar with the first showing of “Cloud9’s” new team. Known by most as “The Muffin Men”, these guys set out to give us a show.

“Cloud9’s” team consists of Torment, SquishyMuffinz, and Gimmick, who are very consistent players. Squishy is the clear striker on this team with 48.7% for goals. The one who saves the most is Torment with a 42.7%. In fact, be careful when facing Torment because of all the pros that played during the week, he has the highest save percentage!

“Genesis'” roster is Klassux, Lethamyr, and Jwismont who showed how brutal of a team they can be. The resident goal scoring powerhouse with 54.2% is Jwismont and their saving God is none other than Klassux at 35.5%. Don’t count these boys out when on the field against them.

The Games

The match up between “Cloud9” and “Genesis” was one of the most intense series to grace Rival Week because of how they were executed. In series one, game four went into overtime but how it got there was unexpected, which makes it worthwhile to watch. All three series of seven made it to game five.

Take a look at a Lethamyr play:

Day 2: Rogue vs. Hollywood Hammers

The Roster

“Rogue” consists of Sizz, Matt, and Turtle. These three are fantastic players whom made quite the run back in RLCS Season 3. Fans cheered for these guys for good reason because otherwise, Matt’s mom would kick the butt of everyone. Jokes aside, fans had a reason to cheer because Matt has the second highest percentage of goals at 51.8%.

“Hollywood Hammers” has team members Darkfire, VinceRL, and Satthew. The heavy scorer on this team is none other than Vince at a 49.5% for goals. Satthew coming in hot with the highest percentage for saves at 36.8% which just goes to show how well matched these two teams are. It was challenging to vote on which team would come out on top for day 2.

The Games

There were two games that really stood out because of the incredible close calls and maneuvers. In series 3 game 4, 20 shots were made on goal mostly by team “Hollywood Hammers”. Given that both teams have very even goal percentages by their players, the day was action packed and in the first series that was true. In series two and three, it seemed like one team rolled over and handed the other team the game. The craziest game also came from series 3 but game 5 where Darkfire completed an epic save.

Take a look at the intense saving:

Day 3: Flipsid3 vs. The Leftovers

The Roster

Day number three consisted of teams “Flipsid3” and “The Leftovers”, and in my opinion was one of the most interesting matchups of the week. “Flipsid3” player Markydooda has a 58.2% goal percentage. Consequently, his goal percentage is the highest of any player from Rival Week to date. The player with the highest save percentage is 33.2% and that’s Kuxir97.

On “The Leftovers” are players Snaski, Sikii, and Maestro. Believe it or not, Maestro has the goal percentage at 51.5%. On this team, the player with the highest save percentage is Sikii at a 37.8%. Given the statistics, one would think that “Flipsid3” would have quite an edge in this match up.

The Games

While the other couple of days had some amazing casters, on this day Lawler graced the casting booth with his experience and knowledge. It made for some interesting games cast despite the player statistics.

Series 1 favored “The Leftovers” while series 2 favored “Flipsid3”. The final series ended up short lived after all four games were won by one team. Of the games, the most definitive series to watch has to be the third one because there were two long overtime games.

Check out a very calculated clip from this match up:

Day 4: G2 vs. NRG

The Roster

“G2” has an all-star roster with players like Rizzo, Kronovi, and Jknaps. Statistically, Kronovi takes the cake with a 50.2% goal percentage. That said, this was a rare time where the team had to use a substitution. From series 2 onward, Lachinio played for “G2” with a goal percentage of 52.7%. The player with the best save percentage is Rizzo at 34.5%.

They were up against none other than team “NRG” with players Jacob, Garrettg, and Fireburner. Statistically speaking Fireburner comes in at a high 47.9%. Garrettg sports the best save percentage with 35.8%.

The Games

Casting day 4 were two people that have been on the desk together before. Graced with the insight from a professional player, Karmaah, she lends her playing experience to the casting desk. To assist was Unthink, an amazing caster for PRL.

This day in Rival Week was special for a few reasons:

  1. Karmaah’s ability to understand how pros execute plays
  2. Karmaah was the first to go to game 7
  3. Had the first and only substitution due to a power failure

This whole series is worth watching because of the free insight from Karmaah. Also, the games were just that good so I recommend fans watch game 7 in series 2 because of a major save.

Here’s a clip from this action packed match:

Day 5: Envyus vs. Gale Force Esports

The Roster

The last two teams are none other than “EnVyUs” and “Gale Force Esports”. Kicking off with the roster for “EnVyUs” are players Remkoe, Deevo, and greaZymeister. Remkoe has a 47.9% which is the highest goal percentage on the team. The player with the highest save percentage is Deevo at 35.3%.

Against them is team “Gale Force Esports” consisting of Kaydop, Turbopolsa, and ViolentPanda. A favorite player like Kaydop sports a 50.2% goal percentage. Coincidently, he has the highest save percentage at 35.1%. As they say, you can’t stop the Kaydop with high percentages like that!

The Games

This series is worth watching because it is the only day that had two series extending to game 7. Cast by Johnnyboi and NotThatChrome, some of the best games to watch are series 2 game 6 and series 3 game 6. Kaydop had some unbelievable plays in series 3 and Deevo had some crazy shots on goals throughout the series. This whole day is worth watching.

A Kaydop crazy moment in clip form:

Overall Thoughts

PRL continues to bring in quality entertainment, formats which are exciting, new graphics, and guest casters to keep people on their toes. To find out more about these stellar show matches for a prize pool of $4,000, check out the VODs on Twitch.

That said, one of the PRL staff members put together a short highlight video covering some amazing plays during Rival Week. Please feel free to follow Jayski on Twitter and give him support for such a top notch job!

It’s no wonder PRL is chosen to be one of the qualifiers for RLCS. As always, any thoughts or feedback can be contributed via our Discord.

Until next time.

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