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NA Open Qualifiers 1

 This past weekend on Saturday April 30th, my Twitter notifications were blaring almost every five minutes. This never happens, especially with my whopping 100-something followers (don’t make fun, I’ll be cool enough one day). The anticipation of the Rocket League Championship Series North American qualifier was a little nerve-racking but really exciting.
Players from around NA were so excited to the point where they thought nothing could go wrong. Not only as a player but as a fan from the outside looking in, it was a perfect start to Rocket League esports history. The excitement didn’t last for some, it came to a crashing halt for players who waited up to 7 hours to only find out they would be disqualified. Players were automatically disqualified due to Smash.gg‘s server which went down for about 3 hours, leaving some players wondering where this leaves them in the bracket.
We’ve provided a timeline snippet directly from Smash.gg themselves, leading up to the disqualifications that took place.
We’re just happy they owned up to it.
Luckily, any issues that occurred this past Saturday, happened before the live broadcast at 5pm PDT / 8pm EST and ran smoothly for the EU Qualifer yesterday, May 1st.
 A heartfelt statement by Josh Watson of RocketLeagueGame.com, stated just how serious they were taking the unintentional disqualifications for many pumped up Rocket League CS players.

As many of you are already aware, our tournament software providers encountered several unforeseen technical difficulties that resulted in several unintentional disqualifications for many RLCS players.

We aren’t going to allow that to stand. It would not be fair to anyone involved in the competition.

And so, it’s with that spirit of fairness, that we will be contacting the players and teams who were removed from the competition via DQ to provide an additional avenue for them to participate in the RLCS. This means that we will be adding another bracket where DQ’d teams will have a new shot at qualifying for the Group Stage.

We will have more specific details regarding time and date for that make-good tournament soon, but rest assured, we WILL ensure that those of you who were affected by the software problem will have the chance you deserve.

Our apologies and thanks for sticking with us.

Also Smash.gg released a post on Reddit providing an explanation of what went down. In addition, they’ve certainly made up for what happened by creating a bracket just for the disqualified players with some strong qualifications though such as:
  • Competed in NA Qualifier
  • Disqualified after 8:54am PDT / 11:54am during the NA Qualifier
This is alright by me and we’re looking forward to this weekend’s Group Stage for both NA & EU starting May 7th.
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