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April 30th marks the first day of the kick-off weekend for Open Qualifier 1 of Rocket League Championship Series a.k.a RLCS and I couldn’t be more excited, the RLCS tournament is proof we’re all watching history being made right before our eyes. Leading up to tonight’s broadcast, players in North America have already begun to gear up and run practice sessions since early Saturday morning. If you’re a spectator or fan and you’re not 100% sure of what to expect, here is an overview of what you need to know to as the weekend unfolds.

An overview of the RLCS:

  • This is the first season of RLCS, each season is three months long
  • Teams from all over NA & Europe (EU) will be featured
  • In each region, the top four winning teams will be invited to compete for a shot at the $75,000 prize pool at the International Finals, a live event
  • If you haven’t registered for this season by March 25th 2016, it’s too late and looks like you’ll have to sit back and watch which is just as exciting!

What you can expect over the weekend:

  • NA Open Qualifier will consist of the top 128 bracket
    • Saturday April 30th
    • Double elimination
    • Eight qualified teams will then advance to Group Stage
    • Broadcasting in NA begins at 5pm PDT or 8pm EDT
  • EU Open Qualifier will also consist of the top 128 bracket
    • Sunday May 1st
    • Broadcasting in EU begins at 6pm CET or 10am PDT
  • Nail biting aerial shots and lots of goal explosions
  • Some wins and losses

Where to tune in for coverage & broadcast:

Rocket League Championship Series Qualifier 1 Schedule
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