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In any esport, fans only see the statistics of the professional players, while no light is shed on the “bubble teams”.

What’s a bubble team? A bubble team consists of players who are close to being at the professional level but do not have enough consistent results to be signed. During the qualifying weeks of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), a few bubble teams have made it through to the main event. Here is a look at the rosters for these teams and their relation to RLCS.

Bubble Team: Lights Out!

Lights Out! consists of the following players:

Stephen “Stev” Edinger

  • Kevin “Kevpert” M
  • Daniel “Aeon” Dunfee
  • Stephen “Stev” Edinger
  • Thomas “Toe” Martineau

If there is anything to be said for this group, they have some mega fans that will cheer for the team in Twitch chat. Lights Out! (LO!) is a team of players that regularly play in weekly tournaments. Their performance usually lands in the finals during competition. This is partly due to a couple of their players hailing from SoaR Gaming – a team known for consistent tournament participation.

In qualifier week one, hosted by Pro Rivalry League, LO! made it through their pool. They fought team Actually Toxic in the finals, which advanced both teams to the play-in round.

Bubble Team: Incognito

This team has an awesome roster of players. They are on the radar because their players have come from G2 Esports, No Boost Needed, and Relax – all notable teams. In fact, this team regularly competes in weekly tournaments, giving them plenty of experience before RLCS.

This star studded cast consists of:

Tyler “Tuster” Good

  • Tyler “Tuster” Good
  • Kevin “gorocksgo” Craig
  • Jake “Jwismont” Wismont

These players are worth their weight in gold, a proven fact after their success during the qualifier week one. They advanced to the next round by beating out teams The Bomb Squad, MAGAS, Just for Fun, Elysian Esports, and Mental Breakdown. In the finals, Incognito won against Team Tempo, allowing both to advance to the play-in round.

Bubble Team: Ascension

Team Ascension consists of many players from team Life. Due to the fact that they’ve played together before, the dynamic between them is on point.

Their current roster is:

Jonathan “Jet” Stabenow

  • Caleb “Bell” Vandenbroek
  • Derek “Dareyck” D.
  • Jonathan “Jet” Stabenow
  • Mason “Skaxy” Donahue

Being a power hitting team with players like Jet and Skaxy, team Ascension is a group that should be watched closely because of their player’s reputations. On the Rocket League Tracker Network, Dareyck has a 45.4% chance to get a goal and a 37.6% chance to save shots on their net. Looking at the statistics of pro level players, this bubble team’s players are excellent contenders.

Ascension went up against the Autobachs, Pandamonium, ZeRo Chill Gaming, and Brozehb. In the finals, both Frigus and Ascension move on to the play-in round.

Bubble Team: Hype Gaming

Hype Gaming is another team with notable players, with previous ties to Pneumatic Combatants, Dark Matter, and 3 Guys 1 Ball.

The American dream team consists of:

  • Travis “Bork” Longsine
  • Tyler “Heathcliff” Myers
  • Andre “SavvySeal” Adkins
  • Ryan “King Ranny” Alexander

The group fought their way through teams Flash Point, Seven Lakes, Team Triqs, and HECTIC. The team they played against in the finals was Hollywood Hammers (HH) – a team that competes in high-level brackets in many tournaments. In the best of three match, HH took out Hype with a 3 – 2 victory. Game two allowed Hype Gaming a win with a 3 – 0 shutout. In a game three, HH won 6 – 0. Despite that, both teams advance to the play-in round.

Bubble Team: Amethyst

Of all of the bubble teams, this one has players that were not on previous well-known teams.

The roster for Amethyst is:

Shawn “RocketvanPersie” Schrotenboer

  • Shawn “RVP aka Rocketvanpersie” Schrotenboer
  • Devon “Mysterydude” Therriend
  • Gregory “RLRAWGREG” Alex
  • Jesse “Dzooatlatl” Carter

Beating out teams like Maverick Esports, mexican power, CapitaL, Ballers Esports Blue, and Serious Gaming, team Amethyst made it to the finals. Unfortunately, they faced Boost Management who won the series. Either way, both teams move on to the play-in round.

Bubble Team: The D00ds

Here is a team that has some notoriety. It consists of players from teams Whiff Wizards, Boost Alchemists, and Boost > Ball. Each team has played in several weekly tournaments, so it’s no surprise that the players have formed The D00ds together.

Their players are:

  • Alexandre “Axb” Bellemare
  • Raphael “Ralph” Morin
  • Aeron “Etek” Colantuoni
  • Brendan “Plasma” Lisogurski

In their pool, The D00ds took down Kinship, </scorpion>, Task Force, UCS Gaming, and AVN eSports. During the finals, The D00ds battled it out with team Cypher, but was only able to take one game, advancing both teams to the play-in round. Given the teams they were on before, it’ll be interesting to see how far The D00ds get this season.

RLCS Results

All of the bubble teams made it through to the play-in round of RLCS. Because thousands of teams signed up for the qualifier round, they were divvied into pools. If they made it to the end of the pool, the two teams in the finals would advance to the next round. From an original pool of more than 3000 entrants, the total left is actually a couple of hundred teams.

Up to this point, it will be interesting to see how the bubble teams do throughout the tournament, especially team Hype Gaming’s match-up against Hollywood Hammers. Even though they lost the overall best of three, they still managed to take one game off of the professional level players.

To put things into perspective, Hype Gaming lost only one series out of six against Hollywood Hammers. Unsurprisingly, Hollywood Hammers won all six of their games.


In the play-in round, the competition will be much stiffer, and will start on September 2nd. The rest of the details surrounding RLCS like important dates can be found on the official website.

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