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What a time to be alive! Twitch and Psyonix announce the Rocket League Championship Series – opening the gates to a highly competitive cross-platform sports game. Being open to both PS4 and Steam players, anyone can grab some friends, make a team of three, and register for the tournament on March 25th. If you want to participate in the Rocket League Championship Season 1 bracket for the chance to win fabulous prizes, grab your friends and sign up! There will three months for each season, which will also feature diverse teams from North America and Europe. Within the two regions, eight teams (four per region) will be invited to participate at the International Finals event which will be LIVE! Each team will have a chance at their piece of a $75,000 prize pool and have a shot of glory in this epic bracket.




There are many questions to be asked as a long-time fan and player of the game. What cars will actually be used in this official bracket? Will we see fast, long skinny cars? Or are we going to be seeing players on the PS4 using SweetTooth to get the upper hand with the bigger surface area? March 25th will show us who the true angle masters are.

Rocket League Championship Series Brackets

Currently at Rocket-League.com, Crown & Jewels, Flipsid3 Tactics, and Myxmg are the top 3 teams within a pro league. C&J holding it down in first for the EU, Flipsid3 in a solid second (Kuxir97 streams) for the EU, and Myxmg ALSO from the EU holding that solid third (Turbopolsa streams). Undoubtedly all of us at EloTalk are rooting for our NA representations and hope they bring in the win!



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