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The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) occurs Nov. 10-12 in Washington D.C. Some well-known casters in the community made bold predictions.

Randy “Gibbs” Gibbons, Adam “Lawler” Thornton and Brody “Liefx” Moore each speculated on which team will win the RLCS season four title. Let’s compare and contrast the conclusions each drew in preparation for the event.

Predictions from Notable Community Members

Gibbs’ Predictions

In the semifinals, Gibbs expects to see Gale Force eSports (GFE) versus Mock-It eSports (Mock-It). He also expects to see PSG eSports (PSG) against NRG. Inferring from his experience, GFE and NRG will get out of their bracket.

That said, out of the caster predictions this weekend, Gibbs decided to go against what the other two chose. Gale Force Esports will take the whole thing in his opinion. That places teams C9, Method, G2 Esports (G2), Ghost, Pale Horse eSports and Chiefs eSports Club in the losers bracket.

Below is a tweet with his full predictions, and this is the video explaining his choices.

Lawler’s Predictions

In Lawler’s predictions, GFE takes on Mock-It while Cloud9 (C9) takes on Method. GFE gets close to the finals. But ultimately, C9 should crush them. After racing through the losers bracket, Lawler predicts GFE to face C9 but won’t be able to make it out.

Unlike Gibbs, Lawler has Method making it to the semifinals, which isn’t the case in the eyes of his fellow caster. That said, C9 is the fan favorite. This makes it difficult to speculate any other team winning in season four. In the screenshot below, Lawler outlined in his Twitch stream who would progress through the bracket.

Liefx’s Predictions

While Liefx is not casting this weekend due to visa issues, he chimed in with his predictions during a Twitch stream. He predicts that GFE will face Mock-It while C9 will face NRG. In the first finals, he believes that the match will be between teams GFE and C9.

The real finals where the loser bracket team comes up to face the winning team will be between C9 and Method. As with Lawler, he has Cloud9 taking the season 4 title as a result. Below is the screenshot of Liefx’s stream, and here is a link to the Twitch VOD for his detailed explanation.

General Thoughts

Even though all of the teams are quite solid, it’s a tough call to predict what will happen this weekend. In the quarterfinals, each caster has G2 win against the Oceanic team, Chiefs ESC. They also predict PSG to easily defeat Pale Horse eSports. This isn’t surprising because G2 and PSG have a lot more experience whereas the Oceanic region has only been part of the RLCS once before.

The two dropping into the losers bracket might just be because of that and not on their skill level.

Similarly, all three of the casters have Mock-It fall into the losers bracket because of GFE, but that’s not necessarily at the fault of the players. In the last couple of months, Mock-It only won four matches, losing to PSG, GFE and Method.

Given that those very teams are in the RLCS, it’s not surprising that all the casters would predict that outcome. Two of those teams won six total games, while GFE only took five games. They still outperformed Mock-It during the qualifiers.

Method is number one in EU, so facing NRG should technically be a cakewalk. NRG was only able to squeak by with four wins – losing to C9, G2 and Ghost.

While NRG has an amazing roster, the chances of Method stomping all over them is higher. This is an assumption if we base this on past performances.

C9 is a disgusting team in terms of skill. It’d be a shocker if they didn’t advance all the way to the finals. Should NRG advance to face them, then it’s more likely that C9 will take the title. If, however, it’s Method that advances, then the series will be a close call as both teams went 6-1 in league play.

At that point, the consideration is which team is more consistent? You decide. Either way, the stakes are quite high going into this weekend.

RLCS Information

Nov. 10-12, the RLCS Season 4 Championships will be live on Twitch, so be sure to tune in! Use the hashtag #RLCSWC and be sure to follow the action on Twitter.

Also, there are fan rewards during the RLCS including better odds of winning painted items! Therefore, make sure to watch all the games this weekend for the best chance at glorious item drops.

As always, there is an EloTalk Discord where we discuss a variety of topics. Feel free to join us.

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