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Earlier this year, NRG eSports branched out into the Rocket League esports scene by creating a team of their own to compete in the Champion Series. This past weekend, NRG eSports defeated Orbit with grace and won $13,500 from the prize pool.

The former Kings Of Urban team disbanded but moved on to make up the roster of NRG eSports. The familiar names and faces are Kais Zehri – ‘SadJunior’, Jayson Nunez – ‘Fireburner_’, and Jacob McDowell – ‘RL_Jacob’. NRG eSports advances to Amsterdam where the grand finals of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) will take place.

The prize pool for the finals is a spectacular $250,000 to be the awarded treasure for the best team. Theatre Amsterdam will hold the conclusion of this seasons blood, sweat, and whiffs, as it will be the first European tournament for RLCS.

NRG eSports is one of the many organizations to jump on the bandwagon of owning and investing in teams in esports. Behind the team is Shaquille O’Neal, yes, Shaq is a huge fan of Rocket League.

Congrats to NRG eSports on the win! See you in Amsterdam!

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