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It’s here! As a native Xbox One player, it’s really nice to see that Psyonix has kept their promise for Rocket League. Cross-platform arrived on May 24th. Being one of 2 million players, this was something I’ve been waiting for. I’ve racked up points, a reputation, and have become complacent on Xbox one. My beloved Xbox One players, we will have our moment to join in the competition soon enough. Making the switch to PC has been an adjustment. Nonetheless, Rocket League is growing and that alone is exciting!
Patch notes v1.18 for PC/PS4 & Title Update 6 for Xbox One:
  • (PC/XB1) Cross-Network Play is available now between Xbox One and Steam platforms.
    • Cross-Network Play is enabled by default. Players can disable this feature in the Misc. tab of the Options menu.
      • If any player within a party has Cross-Network Play disabled, that party will only find games with players on their own platform.
  • (XB1) Players from Steam platform will appear with a Rocket League shield icon on the in-game scoreboard (instead of the Psynet icon like on the other platforms).
  • Leaderboards now have a platform-specific filter option that only shows rankings for the network you are playing on.

Rocket League is on Sale for the 1st time ever for Xbox One users!

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What’s coming up: June updates

Rocket League Pillars“Banking shots off the tall columns in the middle of the arena makes for some incredible moments and driving up the walls and flying down on the competition feels just right.”

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