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Blue team going in for the goal.

Blue team going in for the goal.

Once I saw Rocket League was free for PlayStation 4, I downloaded it right away and something magical happened – I fell in love with it after just one match. Shortly after its release I heard about it getting into esports because of its competitive nature. Of course I was ecstatic when I heard about its premier into competitive gaming because I thought it would be something fun and easy to get into… Boy, was I wrong.


Most of the time in competition it’s a 3v3 match-up which makes it rather easy for spectators to distinguish between players. Along with that, it’s generally an easy game to follow and get hyped about. RC cars, soccer, and a team – how could it get any better?

RC Red car spiking the ball against the blue call

Red Car Spiking the Ball

However, the reason I said I was wrong about Rocket League in competitive play is due to lack of communication and other factors. When competing in ranked matches it’s very hard to get communication going with random people. Superior communication skills are really needed for this game because not only do players need to assume their positions of offense or defense, they also need to keep tabs on where the ball is. Yes I know ranked play and competing in a tournament are completely different. However, if a team can not progress in ranked then it will NEVER make it into an actual competition. Even when playing at the lowest rank or un-ranked levels, the plays some of these players make are INSANE! A big thing in Rocket League is that you can boost the cars through the air and with the right aim and timing, a team can just obliterate. Now if people are making amazing plays in solo queue at a low rank, imagine what kind of plays the pros are making when they playing with an actual team!

Red Team hitting a perfect angle shot.

Red Team hitting a perfect angle shot.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a really fun game to play and probably even more fun to spectate… But if you are trying to improve by playing solo, I can almost guarantee you won’t have fun. However, if you are trying to get better by solo queuing I can almost guarantee you won’t have fun. Unless you are on the winning team being carried by people doing crazy insane shots from flying off the ceiling. The game is entirely based off of your teamwork and angles. Yes, angles. There have been many times when I climbed to gold rank season 1 where I stopped the ball (in my opinion perfectly), just to find my teammates were nowhere near and the other team was already scoring off of my unfortunate setup for them..

You want to play Rocket League at a high level? You better have a team with great communication and even better angle shots.

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