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Psyonix has announced more updates as we near the end of Season 2 and enter into Season 3 of Rocket League’s ranked play. With Season 2 coming to an end, players will be rewarded based on their highest ranked skill level. Whether you’re a Prospect I or Grand Champion, expect to see new rocket trails.

Here is a sneak peak of what we can expect to see from the Season 2 rewards:

Prospect I or higher – Season 2 Prospect Rocket TrailGIF_03_Prospect

Challenger I or higher – Season 2 Challenger Rocket TrailGIF_01_Challenger

Rising Star or higher – Season 2 Star Rocket TrailGIF_04_Star

Champion or higher – Season 2 Champion Rocket TrailGIF_02_Champion

Grand Champion – “Season 2 Grand Champion” Title

Coming Soon in June

…we will push a full Skill Rating wipe for all competitive playlists, while also watching how the skill curve shakes out without legacy data from previous seasons.

Pysonix also announced with the Season 2 rewards that they will be wiping Skill Rating. This will come as a relief for most. For example, I’ve spent a substantial amount of time in casual play and within those hundreds of games, some of my best games and plays were not in ranked. Had I known better at the time, I would’ve played ranked from the beginning, but it all seemed too intimidating and daunting. This is our chance to get out there and play ranked from the “beginning.”

Psyonix is also dedicating time to correcting the “smurfing” problem. Smurfing is when you join a game and it’s completely one sided due to a player of higher skill using an alternate account to match against lower skilled opponents.

  • Psyonix is no longer supporting Steam family shared accounts. Individual copies of the game must be purchased.
  • Parties/groups will be queued up for games differently & tiers will be measured. Larger gaps between higher skilled players and lower skilled players will be closely monitored.

Note: “For example, if you’re a Rising Star (Tier 9), you could play with a friend in Challenger II (Tier 6), or a friend in Superstar (Tier 12),  but you won’t be able to play with both at the same time — as the overall skill difference for that party would be 6 tiers.”

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