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Image credit: SmashWiki.

Fresh off of a win at Super Smash Con 2016, Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada has left Team Liquid and been picked up by a new organization. The ever-growing NRG franchise has started a Smash roster, and Nairo is the first one to be picked up.

Nairo, formerly playing for Team Liquid, is considered to be one of the best competitors in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, second to Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios who is is rival and friend. In addition, the Zero Suit Samus main is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch for Super Smash Bros.

He calls his fanbase “Naifu Nation,” so if you haven’t already, be prepared to join the NRG Naifu Nation as we’ll see more and more of NRG Nairo lighting up the Smash scene.

NRG is a newly created franchise, starting only with a team in League of Legends, and are now moving on to other games like Overwatch where they recently picked up Brandon “Seagull” Larned. Former NBA superstar, Shaquille O’Neal, is one of many big-name sponsors for the organization.

Keep an eye out for NRG Nairo at the next Super Smash Bros. tournament. Expect NRG to grow even more as a franchise and pick up more teams in more games.

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