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This years EVO Champion, Ally, fell in the “Road to Shine”, the qualifier for Smash.gg’s Shine 2016. He was thrown into losers bracket by the nations best Lucas player, Chukwuemeka ‘Mekos’ Anazia. Then came along Dyr who 3-0’d Ally in the runback in the losers bracket after a clutched game win against DarkAura just before.

Dyr went on to win the Road to Shine, resetting the bracket 3-1 against Mekos, and then 3-0’ing Mekos afterwards to win his trip to Shine 2016. However, Dyr is no new face to the Smash 4 scene as he participated in CEO2016 and EVO 2016 and ended up in 17th place at both events.

The results of The Road to Shine are listed below. Check out the newcomers you see in this Top 8 as the Smash Scene is growing more and more with newer talent joining all the time and be sure to check out Smash.gg’s Shine 2016. It starts on August 26th and goes through to the 28th and it is Boston’s first major.

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