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Genesis is back, and the means the best in Super Smash Bros. 64, Melee, and Smash Bros for Wii U will collide once again at the San Jose Convention Center for this fourth installment of the Genesis tournament series! Thousands of people flooded in as they held high hopes that 2017’s first national would be even better than last year’s Genesis 3.

Things kicked off Friday, January 20th. Pools for Melee and Wii U singles started around $10 while pools were doubling for and The Melee Games, the collegiate tournament series. There weren’t any major upsets on the melee side of singles as well as doubles, the same couldn’t be said for the Wii U side of singles.



  • Ally
  • MKLeo
  • Javi
  • Captain L
  • Regi Shikimi
  • Big D
  • Mr. R
  • Locus
  • S1
  • Bedgar
  • Chag
  • IC


  • Abadango
  • Ranai
  • Nietono
  • Earth
  • Ri-Ma
  • Rain
  • Komorikiri
  • Kameme
  • 9B
  • You3
  • Umeki


  • ZeRo
  • Larry Lurr
  • Dabuz
  • VoiD
  • Tweek
  • Ito
  • Nairo
  • ANTi
  • Salem
  • Samsora
  • Mr. E
  • Marss

Team ChuDat

  • ChuDat
  • Lucky
  • Rudolph
  • Armada
  • Laudandus


  • SFAT
  • Shroomed
  • Syrox
  • PewPewU
  • Azusa

Team Hungrybox

  • Hungrybox
  • Wizzrobe
  • Colbol
  • Swedish Delight
  • Abate

Team Duck

  • Duck
  • Ice
  • Prince F. Abu
  • Westballz
  • KJH

Team Nintendude

  • Nintendude
  • Axe
  • Professor Pro
  • Plup
  • MikeHaze

Team Silentwolf

  • Silent Wolf
  • S2J
  • HugS
  • MangO
  • Druggedfox

Team Chillindude

  • Leffen
  • KirbyKaze
  • Bladewise
  • nOne
  • Chillindude

Team Zhu

  • Zhu
  • The Moon
  • El Fuego
  • Mew2King
  • MacD


Day One: While there weren’t any major upsets on the melee side of singles and both sides of doubles, the same couldn’t be said for the Wii U side of singles.

Chag, a Bayonetta main started things off by sending Larry Lurr to the loser’s bracket, Lurr was ranked 5th on this year’s Panda Global Ranking. Lurr’s defeat was just the start of a day filled with upset crowds and discontent – some of the other, more notable fights were Tyrant losing to Big D, ESAM’s victory to Aerolink, Apachi over Pink Fresh,  Zenyou crushing Firefly, and Cacogen dismantling Elevate Gaming’s newly acquired False.

Singles pools definitely weren’t the main event of day one. However, as many people looked forward to the Wii U and Melee Crew battles, there was a bit of controversy going into the event on both sides.


The finals of Melee crews proved to be the intense matchup that people expected

Trouble for Melee Crews came before it could even begin. Leffed, Swedish Delight, and Armada dropped out before Genesis 4 could even start – all for various reasons. This withdrawal left a sour taste in some fans’ mouths while others thought it was for the best. Melee Crews kicked off with Team Silent Wolf winning pretty handily over Team Chillindude, sending themselves into the Semifinals.

Team SFAT  took out Team ChuDat setting up for a matchup with Team Silent Wolf in semifinals. Lastly, we saw Team Hungrybox take the win over Team Zhu, and Team Nintendude winning over Team Duck – setting up the other side of crew semifinals.

In the semifinal round, Team Silent Wolf won 20 stocks to 15 over Team SFAT, locking in a spot for the finals. Team Hungrybox had a bit more trouble against Team Nintendude. Hungrybox only managing a 3 stock win, but it was just enough to get them into the finals against Team Silent Wolf. With that victory the final match was set, Team Silent Wolf versus Team Hungrybox.

The finals of Melee crews proved to be the intense matchup that people expected. Both teams ended up using every member of their roster. In the end, Team Silent Wolf managed to take the match with a two stock win.



The Wii U Crew Battle, dubbed “World Crews” worked a little differently than the Melee crew battle.

The Wii U Crew Battle, dubbed “World Crews” worked a little differently than the Melee crew battle. The battle was made up of three different teams;  USA, Japan, and MexiCanEU.

The Crew Battle round started off with the USA team winning convincingly over team MexiCanEU. Dabuz proved to be the real MVP of the match – taking ten stocks total, allowing team USA to coast its way to victory. Team USA triumphed against Japan as well, sending USA into the finals of crews, where they eagerly awaited for their final opponent.

Japan and MexiCanEU had a fairly close match, but Japan clutched it out in the end, solidifying teams for the finals; USA against Japan. This last match proved to be a tough one for team USA as it came down to Nairo versus Komorikiri. In the end, Nairo’s Bowser took Komorikiri’s final stock with a well-timed ledge trump into a back air. This cemented team USA as the champions of Wii U’s World Crew Battle.




Day Two: The First match on stream saw Brood, a Japanese Duck Hunt Dog main, taking out ZeRo

Day two of ‘Genesis 4’ started off with a bang as well. Wii U doubles finished up with an amazing run from the team of Ally and MKLeo, taking first place. Their insane bracket run saw them going through teams like Salem and ANTi. The legendary team from ‘Genesis 3’, Ranai and Komorikiri took third and second respectively.

Things really heated up when the second round of Wii U singles pools started. The First match on stream saw Brood, a Japanese Duck Hunt Dog main, taking out ZeRo, who was the number one seed in the tournament and sending him into the loser’s bracket.

That was just the start of a day full of upsets. The most notable sets saw Elegant, a Southern California Luigi main, sending Salem – one of the best Bayonetta mains in the world, into a stacked loser’s bracket. Brood proved lightning does strike the same place twice by eliminating Zinoto, another top Diddy Kong main, from the tournament.

ZeRo, cemented a place in top 8 by taking out the likes of Salem, ESAM, Nairo and VoiD

In a crazy loser’s bracket that included many top ranked players – many more notable matches took place. ZeRo, cemented a place in top 8 by taking out the likes of Salem, ESAM, Nairo and VoiD in a heartbreaking set. Komorikiri won over his doubles teammate Ranai to claim his spot, and with a dramatic win over ANTi. CaptainZack earned his spot as well. Losing to Komorikiri in the winner’s side of the bracket, Dabuz took out Elegant to claim the last spot.

The winner’s bracket did not disappoint either. Abadango punched his ticket with wins over MVD and Tweek. Mr. R sent CaptainZack, Fatality and Nairo to losers in order to earn his spot. Ally beat the likes of Rich Brown and VoiD. MKLeo continued to show his dominance, with wins over Mr. R, Komorikiri and Elegant. The stage was finally set for top 8 on the final day of ‘Genesis 4’.

The set of the day had to go S2J and Armada, which turned out to be a more incredible matchup than what people expected

Melee had its share of excitement as well. The set of the day had to go S2J and Armada, which turned out to be a more incredible matchup than what people expected. S2J started out on fire, taking the first two games and putting Armada in a desperate position. However, the set was far from over, and Armada began to show what it meant to be the best player in the world. He swiftly took the next two games over S2J and made it a five-game situation. In game five, Armada proved too much for S2J to handle.

The top-ranked players on the melee side managed to hold their own as Mang0, Armada, Plup, and Mew2King made top 8 on the winner’s side, while Hungrybox, Axe, Westballz and Leffen made it in on the loser’s side.

Doubles on the melee side also narrowed down to its final four teams on day 2 as well. Leffen and Ice proved to be an incredible pairing as they took out the juggernaut team of Armada and Android, sending them to loser’s side. Team PewFat, comprised of PewpewU and SFAT maintained their dominance and managed to propel them to the other side of winner’s finals. This left the team of Armada and Android in loser’s semifinals against the team of Plup and Axe, who many thought wouldn’t make it through to the final day of doubles. This set the stage for the final day of ‘Genesis 4’

Day Three
:  Genesis had a lot of hype to live up to.


Day three of Genesis had a lot of hype to live up to. With ‘Genesis 3’ still fresh in people’s minds, something special had to happen here in order to make this event compare to the ones in the past. In the end, the final day of ‘Genesis 4’ proved that it would not disappoint.

The day started with the Super Smash Bros. 64 finals where the top 6 battled it out to see who would come out on top. SuPeRbOoMfAn, who was recently picked up by Panda Global, was the clear favorite in this tournament, but was dropped into losers by another prominent 64 player, Wizzrobe. Wizzrobe managed to claw all the way to Grand Finals for a set against Alvin, but he fell short as the Pikachu main bested him 3-2.

The number one player in the world, ZeRo would have to fight all the way from loser’s quarters

Next up was the Wii U singles bracket finals. The storyline looming around this event was that ZeRo, the number one player in the world, would have to fight all the way from loser’s quarters if he wanted a chance to add this tournament to his many victories. He kicked things off versus Dabuz, winning pretty handily in a 3-1 set, setting him up for a match against the loser of the MKLeo, Mr. R set.

On the winner’s side of things, MKLeo and Ally continued their dominant stretch of wins, sending Mr. R and Abadango to the loser’s bracket respectively. It almost seemed like it was destined that they would meet in winner’s finals.

Back in losers, things became bizarre.

The set between CaptainZack and Komorikiri ended in a way that no one would have expected. Apparently, a setting was changed accidently that caused the knockback of attacks to be changed from 1.0 to 0.9. At the time CaptainZack had already won the set 3-1, but due to the issue, the tournament organizers decided it would be best if game four was replayed. CaptainZack was still able to take the set, however, many people began to question the validity of the tournament as a whole.

The tournament had to go on. The next few sets saw a 3-1 win over Mr. R by ZeRo, a clutch 3-2 win over Abadango by CaptainZack, and a dominant 3-1 over Ally by MKLeo. The best player in the world proved too much for the young Bayonetta main, CaptainZack as ZeRo took it 3-0, setting up a loser’s finals set between him and his rival, Ally. In the end, a desperation switch to Cloud that seemed to work for ZeRo for a while, ultimately fell short as Ally took the set 3-2. This set up the grand finals set between MKLeo and Ally.

The set was close until the end, but MKLeo managed to hold his ground and prevent a reset. Winning the set 3-2, MKLeo was able to stake his claim as one of the best players in Smash Wii U right now.

Seven players will compete against one another, who will take the crown?

The Melee doubles bracket was up next. Pewfat, Ice, Leffen, Android, Armada, Axe and Plup fought to see who would take the crown. The fan favorite, Pewfat, fell pretty early to Ice and Leffen – and twice again to Android and Armada. Plup and Axe did their best to dethrone the European brothers Android and Armada, but they proved to be too much.

So a grand final of Ice and Leffen and Android and Armada was set up. In the end, Android and Armada proved to be the top team and the ‘Genesis 4’, Melee doubles champion.

Finally, it was time for the main event

People from all over the world gathered to see if Melee Singles at ‘Genesis 4’ would be a repeat of the past events. At the start, it seemed like this year someone other than Mang0 was destined for Grand Finals. Armada won 3-1 over him sending Mang0 to a scary loser’s bracket. Mango then went on to beat Mew2King in a close set, sitting on the winner’s side of grand finals where he would await his final opponent.

Mang0 found determination in seeing Armada perform so well. He tore through the rest of the loser’s bracket, overcoming a close set with Leffen (3-2), powering through Hungrybox (3-1) and triumphing over Mew2King (3-1). This gave him one last shot at the Swedish terror, Armada.

In the end, Armada proved to be too much for Mang0 to handle. He took the grand finals set 3-0 and proved once again that he is the best Melee player in the world right now.

All in all, ‘Genesis 4’ had its missteps, but it showed that the future for Super Smash Bros. is brighter than ever and that the game will continue to shine.

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