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I was lucky enough to interview Molly, founder of Team Husky, regarding the team’s founding, purpose, goals, and her background in esports. They’re a female-only competitive Overwatch community, with two full-rostered teams and hopes to recruit even more teams in the future. They will be attending events, competing in tournaments, and hitting enemy teams with all they’ve got!

Team Husky was launched officially in February 2016 and has been growing extremely quickly. The community already has a handful of dedicated members and two core teams, one primarily for scrims and the other aiming to play at a professional level. They have been competing in weekly tournaments and making a name for themselves in the Overwatch scene.

Molly has five years of experience working in esports, encompassing working for game sponsor companies and game developers themselves as a programmer. On top of that, she’s been involved in the competitive scene for an impressive number of years and is ranked elite in the games she’s dedicated time towards. It’s apparent that she’s not only experienced professionally and cut out to run a successful team, but she also has the gaming skills to back it up. Each and every one of the girls in this community are a force to be reckoned with — true images of powerful, skillful, and compassionate women.

All of the girls would be willing to sit down with you and help with anything – our group is used to build each other up.

Molly is one of the most well-mannered, positive, and motivated girls I’ve ever met in esports. She explained to me that the process of finding women who are the right fit for Team Husky includes analyzing not just their skill level, but their attitudes towards other females as well.

Team Husky is for girls who want to be involved with each other – it’s good to have the mindset of being a player and member of the community.

I have high  hopes for Team Husky on a professional level due to their dedication, seriousness, and highly qualified competitive players who are practicing and scrimming regularly. Oh and on top of everything else… Molly actually has a pet Husky and I can’t wait to meet it at future events!

Team Husky is actively recruiting uplifting, respectful women in the competitive Overwatch scene. To get more information and reach out, head to their Twitter!




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