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 Team Impulse will lose its ability to participate in Riot-sanctioned events due to not paying players, according to a competitive ruling report.
TL;DR: Team Impulse management has repeatedly failed to pay their players on time and to provide valid contracts for their players, as required by the LCS Rules and Team Agreement. League officials have, on multiple occasions, clarified requirements and even directly intervened in team operations to ensure payments, and have determined that Team Impulse does not meet League standards for a professional organization. As such, they will not be permitted to continue participating in Riot-sanctioned leagues.
Various infractions occurred, but the main points to keep in mind:

– Team Impulse did not have all of their roster members under valid contracts, which is required by league rules.
– Team Impulse even falsified claims of having each member with valid contracts, and this was revealed through a league audit.
– Team Impulse’s ownership paid their players late or allegedly owe some of their players compensation, and sometimes for months’ worth of work apparently.
– Many players notified officials of lost compensation, but a lack of proper contracts made claims difficult to verify.
– Team Impact will be fined $20,000.
– Team Impact has until May 18th to sell their rights and legal claims, meaning their LCS berth spot is up for grabs to an appropriate buyer.
– The intent by Riot Games is for Team Impact to sell the LCS berth spot in time, with the hopes of getting the remaining players on the current roster a chance to bring their talents for a new team in the slot or elsewhere if necessary.

In the next few days, there should be more information as to what will happen to the now vacant LCS spots in North America’s LoL scene.

 Information cited from their respective sources. League of Legends belongs to Riot Games. Images pulled from the LoLesports Flickr.

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