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It’s pretty evident that Team Liquid has been struggling this recent LCS split, only leading a 3-9 record going into Week 7. Knowing that something needs to change, Team Liquid has been doing some emergency roster swaps as of late, most notably adding Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng to their roster to ADC for the rest of the split while Piglet is tearing up the midlane. However, they aren’t done yet; it has been announced that Adrian Ma is now being recruited to the team as support, hoping the talent will take their team sky-high.

“I’m very excited to be joining Team Liquid. While the team’s performance has been below expectations this split, I see massive potential in this roster and I hope to help us get better one day at a time. Hopefully Matt and I can push each other to improve and give our team the best chance of winning.

I always tilted TL with my Soraka… now I want it to tilt other teams.” -Adrian

Although Matt will retain his starting position in Week 7, Adrian will be taking over for the rest of the time. Team Liquid is also really excited to have two supports on their roster, as they’ll each be able to communicate and give each other feedback pushing the support talents to be the best they possibly can be.

Although it has been a rough split for the team so far and all the stops are being pulled: with immense botlane talent being brought in, and a hidden gem of a midlaner, Team Liquid is hoping to dodge relegations and perform the best they can for their loyal fanbase. Keep an eye on the NALCS Spring Split to watch this underdog story unfold.


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