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Biofrost headshot in front of a white background, he is the new support for TSM

After it was announced that YellOwStaR would be leaving the team for Europe after one split, TSM started their search for a new support. Earlier this month, the rumors were swirling around three players: Challenger player Biofrost, G2’s Hybrid, and Kt Rolster’s IgNar.

Earlier today, Hybrid officially signed with OG. This left Biofrost and IgNar as the front runners for this position. Shortly after, TSM officially announced the challenger player Biofrost as the new support for the 2016 Summer Split, pending Riot approval. Biofrost, having beat out all other players trying out for this position, may be the answer TSM has been looking for this off season.

I’m very excited that I will be joining TSM. Although I’m a rookie, I hope that with hard work and the support from both the community and my teammates I can become the support that TSM needs in order to compete at the highest level. Thanks to everyone that supported me throughout the tryout phase. I hope I can make you guys proud.” Vincent ‘Biofrost’ Wang

The NA LCS Summer Split starts Friday, June 3rd, which a rematch of the Spring Split finals. TSM will take on CLG at 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST.

Vincent “Biofrost” Wang image belongs to LoL Esportspedia. TSM logo belongs to Team SoloMid. Information pulled from the TSM website.

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