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Dota 2 currently boasts an impressive hero count of 111, and announced on Thursday that the long-awaited Underlord will come out on August 23rd. During the TI6 Allstar match, Valve announced the hero by replacing Sand King soon after the match started. The newly released Underlord was played by N0tail for the remainder of the game. After the match was over, Valve confirmed that the hero would be released for play by everyone on the 23rd.

Dota 2 came out as a beta in 2011 and was officially released in July 2013. Despite being labeled as fully released, multiple heroes had still not been transferred from the original game, developed as a Warcraft 3 mod. The Underlord marks the 112th hero in Dota 2, and the final hero to be ported over. Due to the lack of all heroes being ported over until this point, fans and critics have mocked the game by referring to it as still in beta.

Only a day after this reveal, Valve ended Friday’s matches with a performance by martial artists dressed as monkey warriors. At the end of their performance, a video played that teased the release of a new hero, the Monkey King. This hero is based on the legendary Sun Wukong from the Song Dynasty. The reveal of this new hero is the first hero to come directly to Dota 2 instead of being ported over from the original.

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