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G2.Esports is being sponsored by Vodafone, the second largest telecommunications company worldwide.

Esports sponsorships from major corporations are now expanding on a global scale. It wasn’t long ago that companies outside of the gaming industry weren’t sponsoring any teams, unaware of the significance of competitive gaming. There are a number of large corporations that sponsor esports now such as Geico and even the U.S. Air Force. By investing in an esports team as a sponsor, a business profits by creating more awareness of your brand. Esports is so well-known now that ESPN has their own esports section and ESPN2 has broadcasted several gaming tournaments.



From left to right: Falco, Sendo, Miniduke, Inkos and Sou.

Today marks a new milestone in the esports community. The second largest telecommunications company globally, Vodafone, has entered Summoners Rift.  In their press release they announced a partnership with G2 Esports. This partnership will now be represented as “G2.Vodafone.” G2.Esports is a European League of Legends team that recently had a few roster changes. Their current roster is Rosendo “Sendo” Feuntes, Kevin “Inkos” Alpire, Ismael “Miniduke” Martinez, Guillermo “Sou” Velasco and Jesus “Falco” Perez. They are competing in their first professional tournament at ESL Barcelona 2016 this weekend, February 19-21, 2016. With new opportunities from their upcoming roster change along with a huge sponsorship, we can be hopeful for their success in the new season.


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