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As the story about the open letter that Scott “SirScoots” Smith and 25 players that have signed develops, a bit of insight has been given into the behind the scenes of what happened before singing the letter and it features some dire consequences and the first of many statements from team owners.

Team SoloMid’s Whistleblower

Sean “sgares” Gares released a set of photos (see below) of conversations between him and Andy “Reginald” Dinh. In these conversations over Twitter and text message, Reginald claims that sgares or the rest of the Team SoloMid Counter-Strike team ever came to Reginald initially. Reginald is also upset over the fact that despite being on the team for only a week, sgares has taken steps to hurt the brand of TSM by signing that letter.

It also came to a revelation that because of these events that sgares ended up “not feeling safe on the organization” and they came to a bitter agreement that they should part ways, leading Reginald to take steps to get a lawyer to draft a termination agreement, and would not be looking for any trades or buyouts for the newly acquired player but just letting him go instead.

Termination Agreement Amongst Reginald And sgares


The Revelations of the Aftermath

Because of community outcry over Reginald’s decision to remove sgares so soon, he was prompted to make a Twitlonger post explaining why he terminated sgares. From the screenshots of conversations with Hunter “SicK” Mims and Shahzeb “ShahZam” Khan, we see that they both state that they went along with sgares unknowingly. The other 4 members of the team echoed that they never read/fully understood what they were signing their names too, and that’s because there was “no time” to read it and get their approval. Because of the defamation of the TSM name and the apparent deceit sgares enacted to get his teammates signatures, he was willingly let go.

All sgares had to do to get his teammates signatures though was tell them about the exclusivity of the PEA which tells that even without details, pro players are not willing to play in an exclusive league and would like their options to remain open and heard. Reginald has also acted upon this, pulling out of PEA, stating that “PEA is most likely going away now.” He was even willing to work things out with sgares, but the transcripts show it was a mutual agreement to let him go.

Hopefully, the misunderstanding of the contract and deceitful signing by the majority of a team was just an isolated case, there is still a lot on the line for the other 20 players who are still involved in PEA and whose owners we haven’t heard from. Luckily with TSM’s departure from the PEA, the other organizations will follow suit as this entire situation has been a PR firestorm.

There will be more on this story as it is still developing, however, this seems to be one loose end tied up, and quite possibly the other teams will react to the outcry is a similarly positive way by pulling out of the PEA and listening to their players.

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