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Wings Gaming Wins TI6Wings Gaming made esports history at Seattle’s KeyArena for the finale of Dota 2 – The International 2016 (TI6). After dropping their first match, Wings Gaming went on to win the next three games for a 3-1 victory over Digital Chaos (DC) to win the entire tournament.

Early on in the competition, Wings Gaming had some bumps in the road. But by pulling some big upsets on a few heavy hitters, Wings Gaming quickly rose up in the standings. With their outside-of-the-box strategies, Wings Gaming used their creative tactics to keep the opposition always guessing. Incorporating underused heroes to catch their opponents off-guard, Wings Gaming proved wildly unpredictable. Coupled with excellent mechanical play, it was no wonder Wings Gaming made it all the way to the top.

Walking Away as Millionaires
Plus, for this particular tournament, being No. 1 sure has its perks. Wings Gaming took home more than $9 million in prize money and the coveted Aegis of Champions. Not to mention, the prize pool itself came to about $21 million total. Also, this happens to be the largest prize in all of esports to date.

An interesting caveat about this prize money? The Dota 2 player base contributed toward its incredible sum through purchasing Compendiums. A fraction of each one purchased added toward the tournament’s final payout for its 16 teams participating.

The prize distribution went as followed:

1st – $9,120,223: Wings Gaming
2nd – $3,420,084: Digital Chaos
3rd – $2,176,417: Evil Geniuses
4th – $1,450,945: Fnatic
5th – 6th – $932,750: EHOME, MVP Phoenix
7th – 8th – $518,194: TnC Pro Team, Team Liquid
9th – 12th – $310,917: OG, LGD Gaming, Alliance, Newbee
13th – 16th – $103,639: Vici Gaming Reborn, Team Secret, Escape Gaming, Natus Vincere

Source: GosuGamers

Now that everything is said and done, Dota 2 certainly raised the bar on how to put together a high-stake tournament. In fact, plenty of other esports will probably look to up the ante to create hype for their respective championships. After Dota 2‘s impressive showing, this is one act that will be hard to top anytime soon.

Dota 2 tournament images and video footage belong to Valve.

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