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Yahoo! Inc. and ESL have signed a two-year agreement with the goal to bring eSports to users across Yahoo’s properties. Yahoo Esports and ESL will also work together to develop new tournaments and events that will be covered by Yahoo.

Yahoo Esports will work together with ESL to bring coverage of events such as ESL One. Live streaming of ESL tournaments in HD is also a part of the agreement to bring eSports to more viewers.

“Our Yahoo Esports team is extremely excited to be partnering with ESL to bring greater coverage of its leading esports events, as well as innovate in new competitive formats and content offerings that we are sure will excite both fans and advertisers alike.” – Zachary John, VP of Yahoo Video and Esports.

Esports team competing on PCs

In March, Yahoo Esports successfully launched and began delivering quality eSports coverage for major games and events. There is an emphasis on a unique style of broadcasting live tournaments that reach a global audience. Viewers are able to access Yahoo Esports online or on their mobile devices thanks to recent launches of the Yahoo Esports app for iOS and Android.


“Yahoo Esports is a fantastic partner to team up with for the broadcast and coverage of our key events, and we are looking forward to working with them on new and exciting content for our viewers.” – Nik Adams, Senior VP of Sales at ESL.

ESL is the world’s largest eSports company to date. They also host national leagues and tournaments as well as amateur cups and leagues.

Two esports teammates fist bumping

This partnership will continue the growth of mainstream eSports and will allow for more viewers to be able to watch their favourite games. Yahoo Esports already offers a large amount of gaming coverage, and by working together with ESL, we should be seeing more interesting content being produced in the near future.


ESL in a unique position to be able to offer access to some of the world’s best esports competitions, and having a partner like Yahoo Esports means we will not only reach a broader audience with a supreme quality broadcast, but also deliver exclusive editorial content for esports fans worldwide.” – Nik Adams, Senior VP of Sales at ESL.

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