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Bora”YellOwStaR” Kim has announced he is retiring from Fnatic. He has played as a competitive gamer for a total of eight years, and we bid him a fond farewell.


YellOwStaR started his esports career on Fnatic as an ADC in his first spring split. Soon after, in the summer split, YellOwStaR moved to support where he would begin to cement his position in the annals of legends.

With YellOwStaR on support and Rekkles as AD carry, Fnatic would field one of the greatest bot lane duos in the LCS as they went on to win two more LCS titles.


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In the Summer Split of 2015, Fnatic would shock fans everywhere and sweep the split with a perfect 18-0 record. For his efforts, YellOwStaR was  awarded MVP.


Throughout his career, YellOwStaR has appeared in a total of five world championships and seven LCS finals, and has provided support players the motivation to keep playing through all of the terrible ADCs. For that, and for just being an all around awesome guy, our dear YellOwStaR will always be remembered as one of the greatest players in League of Legends history.


On a Facebook post, YellOwStaR goes into detail about his retirement:

So after long hours of thinking, support from friends and family, I have made up my mind. After 336 official games, it is time to tell you all that I am putting an end to my professional playing career!

Thanks to all of you that have helped and supported me throughout my career.

There are no words to express how grateful I am towards every single one of you.

That’s it, esports. Never forget how lucky you are, and the obligation that comes with that. Looking forward to our next journey together, my friend.



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