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After announcements recently about TSM opening up their support tryouts and possibly bringing in Biofrost, today they released a statement saying that YellOwStaR is officially departing the organization:

Initially, we brought Yellowstar on to help fix shotcalling issues within the team, but it very quickly became apparent that his playstyle as a support was something that did not mesh properly with the team. Despite making large strides that culminated in a second place finish at the NA LCS playoffs, we were approached by Yellowstar who expressed his desire to return to Europe. Ultimately, both parties agreed that it would be in his best interest for us to honor his request.

Fnatic has also announced that he will be returning to their organization, and Bora commented on it himself:

Fnatic YellowstarI’m glad to announce that I will be returning to Fnatic, the team where I started to play professionally and stayed for 3 years.

Hence after expressing my desire to come back to Europe, I thought directly about coming back home.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful that TSM gave me the opportunity to play in North America, I’m thankful that I got to work with such talented players and staff as well as learning a lot in a few months.

Now going forward, with my friends Rekkles & Febiven and our talented teammates, we are aiming to continue the legacy of Fnatic. Replicating the same performances or even better would be an amazing thing to achieve.

Again, I wish TSM the best, appreciate that a lot of people have always believed in me and supported throughout the ups and downs and the decisions that I have made.

See you soon, wearing the black & orange colors!

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