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The newest, highly-anticipated combat game, Absolver, launched from indie developers SloClap and Devolver Digital.

You are what is called a Prospect, whose end goal is to find Absolution and place in the world of Adal. This is a path you can take on alone, with friends, or people you might find along the way. You also may take on this path as a student or a teacher as you perfect your combat style.

The combat is heavily based on martial arts, with three unique and highly customizable forms to start and a fourth hidden one. With about 180 moves that you can pull from each of the stances, it’ll take a long time for fighting to get stale as you figure out what combos you enjoy the most. There are two ways to learn these martial moves, one is naturally watching them happen. The more you see a move used against you in combat, the closer you’ll be to learning it yourself and integrating it into your own style.

The second way involves the deep “School” system the game has. Prospects are able to open schools and take other prospects under their wing, which allows temporary access to the teacher’s combat deck for you to use and practice with at your behest. Upon leaving the school, however, you won’t have access to those moves unless you learned them otherwise.

On your journey through Adal, you will encounter NPC and player characters alike through Absolver‘s online experience structure. You roam in your own independent world, and other players are seamlessly merged into it. Once you find them, it’s your choice to either spar, kill, team up, or learn from them.

SloClap announced that updates will be free, with a 3v3 arena in the works. Ranked matches and a spectator mode are also said to be in development. As the world of Absolver continues to grow, there will also be more combat moves added to the game.

You can purchase Absolver on Steam, PCPS4 for $30 USD, or order a limited edition physical collector’s edition.

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